sprigs, purvis street

very, very good food at this small, modern restaurant in bugis – very earnest, and it succeeds both in service and space and food. it’s still relatively uncrowded, which is surprising for its quality, but unsurprising for its relative tucked-awayness. add the fact that prices are more than reasonable – especially with a set offered at dinner time – really, I’m not sure I could like it more.

it’s a little like that comforting corner diner we all want – except that it’s quite a bit away from my actual ‘hood.

and, I’m back!


so I thought we’d kick off this end of year thing with a good review – and a fantastic recommendation for your festive celebrations – it’s totally a bonus that this place is both cozy and intimate enough for romantic dinners, but casual enough for gatherings with friends (and inexpensive enough not to do too much damage to your already light wallet).

we went for the three-course dinner set (it rings in at an almost unbelievable less-than-fifty) with a glass of wine – the house pour whites and reds were okay, though the white was more elegant and drinkable.

bread arrived piping hot with a good knob of butter melting in its tiny glass dish – not superbly flavorful, but hot bread is always good with a dab of butter and sprinkle of salt.

the two starters that arrived were beautiful – surprising in a most pleasant sort of I-certainly-didn’t-expect-this way – a garden of tender salad leaves and translucent-like-glass slices of radish arranged around some gorgeous salmon carpaccio, and a half-palm portion of foie gras topped with berry compote beside chopped nuts.

tastes as good as it looks, which isn’t something you can say often.

my fancy-sounding entree – Royal Sea Bream “Acqua Pazza” (quotes in a menu are just hilarious) – was a fillet of white fish with soft potatoes in a very tasty, savory fish broth; and was plenty tasty, as was the rather more simple

seared beef steak served with fries and a dressed salad.

and to round off the meal – a dessert selection that doesn’t quite measure up to the same level of creativity or elegance as the first two courses, but it was rich enough to be satisfying (which is important – the last course usually forms the bulk of the impression).

we had a scoop of sesame ice cream – quite creamy and not-too-sweet – as well as a more involved chocolate dessert of mousse tiers, flavored with increasing levels of chocolateyness. this second dessert I thought very good – but it might be a little too rich for all you people I don’t understand who prefer your sweets a little more ephemeral.

service is pleasant – but they leave you alone to do your talking and eating (and photographing) – and I really do feel an earnestness about this place that is plenty endearing. definitely worth visiting and returning, especially if you’re into supporting local (which I’m not – but I’m into supporting good food, which this is).

12 Purvis Street
Singapore 188591
tel +65 6338 5844
$$: 50-60 per person

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