flor patisserie, duxton hill

decent-alright japanese-styled-french cakes at this tiny cafe in duxton hill. flor patisserie is pretty well-known for its light, japanese cream-type cakes, but I hadn’t gotten to it previously on my dessert circuit precisely because of those characteristics: I like my cakes hefty and substantial, and these fluffy, creamy things do little for me.

but for its class, the desserts are good – certainly worth a visit if you’re into this sort of thing.


there’s no way to get around this – this place is pretty much fantastic for women (and persons inclined toward the delicate and feminine). it’s a small white-walled space with a large window that lets in plenty of light at brunchtime, and the counter is laid full with colorful, dainty little cakes with all sorts of fancy frosting and glazes.

we had five cakes from the selection on offer that day – mango (the unanimously-declared winner of the day), strawberry, yam, chocolate and blueberry – and whilst there was a mix of textures from millefeuille and the sponges, all the cakes felt the same.

light, whipped cream makes a strong showing, and there’s a mostly vanilla (both literally and metaphorically) flavor profile that runs through everything – even the chocolate was a too-light-for-me stack of cream and chocolate sponge.

so while everything’s certainly gorgeous – everything’s a little too light and substantial. but – of course, this opinion speaks more of my preferences than the skill of the kitchen; if you’re into this sort of thing, it does well enough (and you might also want to try its famous ex-chef’s new venture: his eponymously-named chef yamashita).

Flor Patisserie
2 Duxton Hill #01-01
Singapore 089588
tel +65 6223 8628
$$: 10 a person

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