latteria mozzerella bar, duxton hill

yes, the tiramisu is as good as it looks.

perfect-for-a-date, perfect for your friday night (and hey! valentine’s day is just about peeking round the corner) italian restaurant in the hip enclave that is the top of duxton hill. I like the buzz of the place, I liked the food, and it’s just the right mix of date-conducive and comfy that spells relaxation after a long day.

it was good from start to finish (which is more uncommon than you’d think), and if you’re gearing up for next week’s chinese new year celebrations – it’s a good place to get your non-chinese fix.


I’ve got a thing for italian restaurants these days – the combination of comfy carbs, hearty food (none of that poncy foamy, molecular stuff for me, thank you very much), and great flavor make an easy winner.

latteria’s been around for quite a while now, and it’s got last-ability – the place is buzzy with both expats and yuppie locals (you know the sort), and the menu tends to the classics-with-something-extra. let’s not forget, also, that the very term “mozzarella bar” is nothing short of enticing.

we started off with calamari, which was a little greasy but still decent – not at all overcooked or rubbery – but the standout was clearly the ball of burrata set upon pumpkin puree and topped with a truffled paste and sunflower seeds. every bit of those components are integral to the enjoyment of this dish – the crunch and flavor of those seeds, the creamy elasticity of the cheese, the sweet-and-substantial mash, and that magical whiff of truffle – it’s a fantastic bite.

goes very well with the crusty sliced bread, too.

I liked the pasta that arrived too, which was slick with olive oil and garlicky (in the right way) – though the clams were certainly a little tiny. at least the shells had imparted that briny sweetness to the pasta sauce, and the al dente noodles were perfectly good.

the steak – well, the steak was just that. a seared piece of beef that was properly pink in the middle, grill char marks on the outside – made interesting with the slivers of umami is-that-parmesan cheese atop, and rocket leaves to mix things up a little.

plain, but good (though of course, you could certainly dish up something similar at home).

we were pretty full by this time, but I can’t end a meal without dessert – and tiramisu is more-than-easy choice. it arrived HUGE, dusted liberally with cocoa, moist fingers beneath. mildly sweet, mildly alcoholic, creamy and coffeed-just-right, it was a proper italian way to end the meal.

there were a lot more people seated outside than in (but what do you expect when the clientele is so expatriate in nature?) – but that left the dining room with a nice, moderate level of buzz that interests rather than distracts.

loved the meal, liked the location, and service is friendly (if sometimes a little difficult to catch). pair all that with just-about-reasonable prices (for the area), and it’s a good, more-than-returnable restaurant.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089618
tel +65 6866 1988
$$$: 50-60 a person

One thought on “latteria mozzerella bar, duxton hill

  1. Going by looks alone, I’d suspect the tiramisù is too creamy. But from what you’re saying that’s not the case. It’s incredible how hard it is to find a truly good tiramisù.

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