hic’juice, boon tat street

(crazy) overpriced, yuppie fruit-and-plant blends in the second story of this shop house above an equally (slightly) overpriced, yuppie spin cycle studio in telok ayer.

I think that’s possibly the fairest, and most accurate description I can give the place – it’s truly yuppie in a young, promising, financially-able persons interested in a holistic, take-care-of-yourself routine that includes overpriced vegetation mushed into a liquid-enough form that fits into a WHAT-THAT’S-ALL-?! bottle stacked prettily amongst its breathren on the shelves of a chiller.


now, I’ve no issue with paying a bit more for something – like lessons at 7cycle on the first floor of this place, where the money brings you an excellent, exclusive place in which to get more than enough knee damage exercise for the day in a lovely environ.

but this isn’t a lifestyle blog, no. so really, what I’m trying to say is: there is unworth, and there is unworth, which deserves italics and maybe some bolding (but I’m leaving that out because it probably is just my irritation manifesting).

I mean, it doesn’t taste bad, right? there’s maybe more kale in this place than you’d see in our supermarkets combined (which tells you quite a bit about the place), the smoothies are thick and healthy-looking, and it’s all harmless enough.

but at eight a bottle, and onward, and for a bottle that’s really what you would consider ‘taster’-size, full of fruit and vegetables that aren’t really that expensive in our tropical country, I felt incredibly ripped off. the drink was okay, but I was just too irritated to really appreciate it (and still am, really).

not at all repeatable for me, but if you’re into the whole health-juicing and modern-healthy thing that involves expensive blends and that whole new-yorker-type attitude to health, or if you justify it as being the same price as a drink in a posh place, then sure – all and good.

else – there’s another way to do healthy: your local mixed-fruit store. or really, just have your fruit.

The Juice Room
27 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069623
$$$: 8 a (small) bottle

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