potatohead folk, keong saik road

eh, okay, burgers at this trendy singaporean outpost of a balinese cool hangout. located at hipster keong saik road, in a building that once belonged to a much-loved cze char place, this place is fashionable and knows it.

the food isn’t bad, but it’s rather pricey for what is essentially an upscale burger boutique, with a menu comprised of a dozen burger options and some sides and desserts to go with. and while it isn’t as overwhelming impressive as the hype made it out to be, it does make for a decent enough meal (just a rather expensive one, and with pretty bad service).


this place knows how to dress it all up. candy-cane striped straws in our glasses of lemonade, long wooden tables for communal eating, and a bright-spaced dining room on the second floor topped with a sleek, speakeasy-type bar on the third.

there are a dozen burger options on the menu – they come pretty small, just about palm-sized, wrapped in waxed paper. I heard no complaints down the table, and my own chicken burger was both moist and well-seasoned, and adequately filling despite the small size.

I was more impressed by the naughty fries (their cheesy phrasing, not mine), which were home-fry wedge-type spuds deep-fried and topped with a spiced bearnaise, hot beef chilli and cheese. this was very good – I might do just a dish of this next time, if I do make a revisit.

I had to order their nominal desert of sticky toffee pudding, rather sickeningly known as the sticky icky wicky. it was a TINY serving of cake served in a tiny plastic container (in which I believe it was microwaved) with a SO-SMALL dollop of whipped cream. but it tasted decent, with a substantial, satisfying denseness made even more interesting with salted caramel tempered with that cream.

but it was TINY. tiny.

prices aside, which were far too higher and could be brought down at least a quarter, the service was terrible. the waiter that served us was both unhelpful and hostile, terse when taking orders and incredibly condescending – it was a complete turn-off.

Potatohead Folk
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
tel +65 6327 1939
$$$: 30-50 per person

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