river safari, singapore

how is it Monday again! but I thought I’d help start it off on a good note with these gorgeous (even if I do say so myself) photos of the animals at the river safari.

I recently posted about my trip to the Singapore zoo, which was an interesting visit made even more special through nostalgia – and the river safari certainly doesn’t have the same handicap distinction, given its recent opening in the past year or so. but I massively enjoyed my day out here. there’s just so much to see, and I can even bear the outdoors for the joy of being out there (notable for I truly detest being under the sun).

plus, there are pandas. those make up for nearly everything.


now, I’m certainly no animal buff – I can’t tell you the names of the animals here (except for the very obvious specimens that you probably recognise anyway – but this is a food blog, and so I give myself license for ignorance.

suffice to say that they were adorable, made for good photographs, and there’s something truly calming about being in touch with nature. don’t go pooh-pooh on me either – yes, I know they are in aquariums and enclosures, and not quite in the WILD WILD WORLD WHERE THEY COULD THRIVE IN THEIR NATURAL HABITATS, but this limited access enables its own sort of education and preservation.

I did particularly enjoy the red pandas crawling their way along the branches, although these are more badger-like than hulking bear,

and there’s an innate child-like quality to the panda’s enjoyment of its insubstantial bamboo. did you know that these animals are omnivores and can eat plenty of meat? but they spend all day eating their beloved but insubstantial bamboo just so they get adequate calorie intake – such an enviable self-indulgence.

we didn’t take the river cruise – it was just a bit too much heat under the blistering sun for me, and the lovely girl at the counter was very honest about the boat being a bit too fast for me to take photographs of the animals.

but I did end up taking a walk through the monkey enclosure, which was a good bit of fun chasing these rascals as they skirted the railings and jumped between the trees, searching for sympathetic, generous ahjummas to feed them bits of food – you’re not supposed to, of course.

LOOK AT THAT FUR THOUGH – it looks fuzzy and soft, but it actually felt a little like coarse suede.

it was a very cool visit – certainly not on the scale of the zoo, but it’s an interesting mix of animals, less colorful but more exotic, and the shaded, wandering maze of the park makes for easy walking.

River Safari Singapore
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826

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