gorgeous singapore

it seems the right time to say thank you, to the extraordinary man that transformed our island.

we had a three-hour bicycle ride on the past weekend, during which I burnt a million shades of brown, riding from east coast park to satay by the bay. it’s a beautiful ride, mostly bike track and a little bit off-road, and I pedaled along in my rented BMX (because I’m cool like that), marveling at our tiny island.


look at all that unchartered, man-created land!

pop by satay by the bay for a refreshing coconut – full of water, and oh-so-wonderfully cold.

skip the popiah though, lukewarm and really unimpressive (as was the satay there).

have a cycle by the city, still beautiful despite the haze –

and finish with people-watching in the tranquil east coast park,

with a little envy for rides shinier, and cooler than yours.

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