flowers for sunday

I thought I’d share this set of photos from a visit to the gardens by the bay, and its two beautiful conservatories.

I’m totally taking this weekend to show you the beauty of singapore – and celebrating our man-made (but wonderfully so) garden city.

back to food programming tomorrow (or more realistically, sometime next week)!


the air-conditioned domes are truly a sanctuary – I can’t tolerate the hot weather endemic to this island, and can someone please think of a way to extend these to encompass the whole island?

I would be ever-so-grateful.

I can’t name any of these – but hey, who needs names to appreciate flowers?

incidentally, tulipmania has just started! the smell – and the bloomin’ buds themselves are gorgeous.

but there’s something about the calmer, less attention-seeking baobab gardens with the succulents and cool-hued plants.

quiet little plants but then BOOM! suddenly a tiger-marked flower full of colour.

this weekend is also a special one in singapore, and I hope you’re having a good one.

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