ethan’s gourmet, tagore lane

tiny little gourmet supermarket in this industrial area – an odd spot for a place quite as cute and consumer-friendly as this, but the space is welcoming and the goods are worth the drive.

and also, as an aside, my favorite indonesian restaurant has an outlet just above this space – so you can get your (gourmet) marketing done and fill your belly at (almost) the same time!


there’s a range of products from all over the world, but alot of it japanese, which is unsurprising given the provenance of one of its co-owners. if you enjoy cooking (and eating), you’re going to like this place as much as I do. and it totally helps that prices are lower than isetan or meidi-ya, my usual grocery hangouts.

there’s a butchery in here, with a wide range of tajima beef (a kobe strain) full of marbling and delicious fat – we tried it grilled and gently salted, and the flavor was utterly fantastic.

even the frozen seafood is sashimi-grade, so really – it’s the sort of quality you expect from the japanese, and nothing makes cooking easier.

but I have to say – as the photographs show – that I was most intrigued by the shelves of beautiful dressings and sauces and dry goods, including a pack of saffron spaghetti and giant rigatoni that I just had to buy.

they also carry a good range of alcoholic drinks – from sake to wine and sweet liqueurs between, so you’ve got all you need for a (posh) dinner party.

a very cute little space, with delicious food and people that feel passionately about it – well-worth a visit (and pick up some of those frozen edamame and a jar of truffle salt for some daytime decadence).

ALSO, if you’re lazy – or don’t enjoy marketing nearly as much as I do – they have an online portal and delivery service that’s launching on 15 April, so you don’t even have to step out.

now all you need is a chef (or invite me, you know).

Ethan’s Gourmet
#B1-01 Entrepreneur Centre
Tagore Industrial Park
50 Tagore Lane
Singapore 787494
tel +65 6372 8809

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