las vegas, and some eating (part two)

part two of the las vegas update – during which I visit the famed cheesecake factory and jamba juice.

these chains are well-famous – one on the excessively calorific end of the spectrum, and the other a well-known purveyor of fruit-and-health-in-a-cup.


the menu is HUGE, and it all sounds delicious – and so american: corn dogs and pot stickers and eggrolls (both of which are asian, but never so described in asia), and buffalo wings and LOTS of kale – it’s almost difficult to pin down a choice.

but I ended up with the factory combination of shrimp scampi and herb-crusted salmon, and while the latter was a little dry, the beautiful shrimp more than made up for it. served with crispy edges and a good bite, it went amazingly with the addictive cream sauce.

we came with asian appetites – and that meant no dessert (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) – but I’ll definitely be back.

just before my flight back to singapore, the stars aligned and I had stomach space in the vicinity of a jamba juice store. I have a soft spot for slushies and smoothies, and even better if they’re made with fruit and (taste) healthy.

there’s an inordinate amount of kale and green on the menu, as with many of these healthy-seeming places, but the green smoothie I ended up with was satisfying thick (but still suck-able), mildly sweet (without being cloying), and large enough to satisfy without weighing me down.

we need one of these in singapore, fo’sho.

places mentioned here (mostly chains with multiple outlets, but I’m listing the one I visited):

  1. the cheesecake factory (at the Forum Shops at Caesars): 3500 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 891094
  2. jamba juice (at the ): 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  3. Roxy’s Diner (at the McCarran Int’l Airport, Terminal C): McCarran International Airport (LAS), Las Vegas, NV 89119

4 thoughts on “las vegas, and some eating (part two)

      • I am afraid I can’t eat the cheese cakes as I am dairy free, my friends and family have loved them though. I have had a variety of dishes, mainly fish, but I love their pork cops.

  1. yes the cheesecakes are good!! they used to have this godiva cheesecake…oh my, SO GOOD. And, as bastardised as it was, i actually liked the orange chicken…heh!!

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