cake, to the rescue!

dessert is powerful. but even more so when you get it delivered.

I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one that forgets an upcoming birthday-or-some-other and panics close to the date, searching for a nearby cakery that fits right into the schedule and sells something appropriate.

so I jumped on the chance to try out foodline, which is an online service that lets you order catering – and now moving into cake and dessert (that’s where all the good people are, seriously).


it was just in time for my mother’s birthday – and can I say, that although there are just about twenty-odd vendors on the site now, there’s a good range of vendors serving anything from cheesecake cups to your more traditional dos – like the blackforest cake I got here.

if you’re slightly wary of crowds (and who wouldn’t be), you’ll totally enjoy the online ordering. I even preferred the mobile view, which was probably less than five steps from start to end.

and you have options: delivery, or self pick-up. I did find delivery on the slightly pricey side – anything from $15-40ish – and I don’t really like paying for delivery. but considering that $15 hardly pays for a one-way taxi trip, much less two, and it’s delivery at a time and place of my choosing – not really a difficult choice.

I also happened to host a brunch a couple days later, and picked up some slices from the store for a bit of a dessertganza.

easy-peasy entertaining: enough cake enough to line the table and give away to our waiters, without any fuss.

as to the baker’s story – I found the cakes just about ok.

it’s a toss up between the blackforest cake and chocolate fudge cake for best; traditional layers of chocolate sponge, generous with the cherries and measured with the whipped cream – the latter a salted-just-right block of layered fudge and cake.

I can’t say I was overly enamoured of their other cakes, which pass for just about middling. the signature cream cheese brownies (the house specialty) were decent, with rich, creamy swirls (don’t bother with the toppings), but I will likely pick another place next time.

give the foodline service a turn though – it can be a real life-saver, and online ordering is a breeze.

thanks, foodline, for the invite to try your service and write honestly about it!</em>

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