wolf, club street (but it’s closed)

alright-tasting limitless-ala-carte head-of-pig-to-tail eating.

this is an (embarrassingly-)long-ago dinner at wolf, at one of their regular themed dinners. and OH MY GOD, the place has closed (but I can’t say I’m really surprised).


I’ll still wrap it up – because hey, photos in low light aren’t easy and I’ve got decent ones – also because it was an interesting concept, though imperfectly executed.

essentially, (almost) every edible part of the pig cooked up in some way or another and served up from the carvery, or on a wooden board from the kitchen.

I’m not much for the weird bits of meat, like the innards and cartilagey bits, and this dinner hadn’t quite convinced me otherwise. sat amongst the oily pate and greasy croquttes, the deep-fried pig’s ears were chewy and bland, and the crackling seemed a little stale.

but perhaps it was just the greasy frying up they had done – it would be better if the items were crisp and grease-free.

the best thing for me was the roast pork, which was tender and pink, and served with a delicious apple compote. and even the ribs – though these were slightly overcooked.

in any case – this review isn’t useful since you may not ever get a chance to come to this place (unless it reopens) – but if you’re thinking of doing a nose-to-tail sort of cooking thing, can I say that variety and execution are imperative to keep the flavors from excessive cloyingness?


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