kilo, orchard central

I really like kilo. I don’t visit it nearly as often as I’d like, but I think very often of visiting it, which has to be the best indication of a good restaurant (cafe is more accurate here).

I’m not sure there’s a better accolade I can give it – it goes beyond the tasty food to the minimalistic, concrete-slathered space (hipster, but not irritatingly so) that’s brightly sun-filled on weekend mornings – it’s sort of what you’d expect brunch and lunch out in an (australian/ american, take your pick) town would feel like, but with air-conditioning (a definite must).


I like designer furniture and cutlery – it’s a weakness, I know – and this place has it in spades. it adds to the modernesque ambience, and sits nicely next to the (almost definitely overpriced) clothing and accessories selling in the same space.

and the menu has that luxe-on-an-offday sort of feel – it’s obviously well-constructed, well-thought food but not at all in a fussy way.

there’s something about their rotation of menus that I haven’t quite grasped (which I really should), and this mealtime saw us eating from the brunch menu. a shakshuka, which was just as good as before, tangy and just-nicely acidic with sweet tomatoes cooked down into a chunky stew, topped with a just-cooked egg that provides enough richness to mellow the dish.

it’s particularly lovely with a leave of cilantro in each bite, on that crunchy toast served alongside.

I had actually come to kilo for their AMAZING eggplant tempura with creme fraiche, but since it wasn’t available (see above for menu mix-up), I had a bowl of dressed quinoa topped with flaky salmon.

there’s a great mix of flavors and colours – sweet corn kernels, seasoned mushrooms, and crunchy radish slices on tender quinoa. it does run a little on the sweet side – but I liked it (but of course, with an incorrigible sweet tooth).

we finished with a delicious molten chocolate lava cake, which was rich and chocolatey, nicely oozey. I’ve had better ice cream (I’m spoilt by that vanilla scoop they serve with cakes at, but this wasn’t so bad as to detract from the good execution of the cake.

definitely coming back – I’m already thinking about it. get right down now! and if you’re put off by the menu and it’s long descriptions and ingredient lists – don’t be. they know what they’re doing.

Kilo Orchard
#02-16 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
tel +65 6884 7560
$$: 20-30ish each

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