california pizza kitchen, the forum shopping mall

decent-ish american pizza place – very much a comfort food sort of thing (if you grew up on american-type food), and not necessarily the best in execution.

I would likely recommend modestos or brewerkz if you wanted something a little higher on the quality, but this is the sort of relaxed american diner that sometimes is exactly what you want on a post-work weeknight.

and big portions – which quite positively is a reason to like this place.


the menu is expectedly californian, and unexpectedly small – the variety is big, but the categories are really just salad, pizza, pasta (plus desserts and appetisers). it’s also very american with its long descriptions of the ingredients (quite a far cry from the european style of obscurement).

I had the miso salad with chilled shrimp – clearly commercially-cut (i.e. packed) salad leaves (just on the side of bitter) tossed with a mix of other chopped vegetables and generous with the prawns. the miso dressing is on the slightly-sweet side, but pleasantly so for me, and the textures here made it very edible (especially those wanton skins, though those wilted quite unappealingly after I packed the remainder salad home).

a carbonara of bacon and peas was also decently seasoned and a warm, satisfying bowl of carbs – though it probably wouldn’t score points with a true italiano (moustache optional but desirable).

and the eponymous pizzas weren’t too bad at all. a mix of traditionals like margharitas sit alongside peking duck-topped pizzas, all with a decent depth of flavor and raised crusts – punch it up with the hot chilli sauce and flakes, and you’re plenty good to go.

I’m not going to say this is fantastic dining by any chance, but I find in myself a soft spot for places like this – very reminiscent of childhood, and comfortingly so (even when I now have to pay my own way – being an adult sucks sometimes). know you’re eating american, and appreciate it for what it is!

California Pizza Kitchen
#01-42 Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884
tel +65 6836 0110
$$: 20-30 per person

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