babette, jalan besar

ah, the by-now-famous flowing green matcha lava cake at this small restaurant in jalan besar. it’s a bit of a seedy area interspersed with these hipster, modern places – not the most comfortable area for ladies to be walking about late at night, but at least it’s relatively close to the main road.

I thought the food was just about alright – good for a first visit, and the cake was pretty good, but the food came very slowly, so we rather lost our patience.


it’s a cute little place with concrete walls and kitschy little items here and there – in general a quite modern, sparse look that makes it straddle the cafe-restaurant fence.

and the food is a modern, fusionish sort of japanese-western, quite innovative and quite well-done. it’d actually be a quite good place to eat if the dishes were served up faster, and if it were in a more accessible area.

the food comes in relatively small portions, so think tapas instead of dishes per se – like the small plate of fried calamari (just a tad greasy, but otherwise not rubbery) that was served with mayo topped with orange tobiko. quite nice – though I would rather my tobiko on the side, to dip in after the mayo.

another famous dish here is the roasted avocado – quite ripe fruit mixed in with aburi-ed (or torched) salmon and seasoned quite nicely. this was quite a laudable effort, if pricey at 12 dollars for a single avocado – and the lemon brings a brightness to what would otherwise have been quite a rich dish.

this was followed by a roast pork dish, a little too dry but with crisp skin, and a salad topped with sous-vide octopus, colourful with halved tomatoes and served with a tangy dressing.

I was more impressed by the fresh fish on my sashimi salad though, which was seasoned just right and generous with the tobiko. the fish was sweet and tender, and the crunch of the roe was plenty good.

I would say that the dishes before the famed lava cake were middling, but this small confectionary makes up for a lot – not-too-sweet, impressively oozey, and that contrast between hot cake and cold ice cream (and chunky azuki paste) is an oldie but goodie.

the cake is definitely worth popping by for – but make sure you order quickly, and be prepared to wait for the food to arrive.

Babette – Restaurant & Bar
at the Parc Sovereign Hotel Tyrwhitt
165 Tyrwhitt Rd
Singapore 207569
tel +65 6472 0998
$$.5: 30-40 per person

3 thoughts on “babette, jalan besar

  1. That matcha lava cake does look like a winner! Unfortunately, I can’t afford to just hop on a plane and go all the way there. :( Hoping I find something similar here in Manila! Thanks for sharing. :)

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