dessert at, palais renaissance and tiong bahru

judging by the number of posts I have on this blog – four at last count – it’s pretty apparent that I have a soft spot for this chain.

I’m also going to summarise all the posts so far with this one – slightly pricey, big mains, hefty-and-satisfying-and-rich desserts, and beautiful, characterful restaurants. it’s an institution for brunch and lunch (not that dinner falters, by any means), and caters primarily to the yuppie, yummy mummy kind of crowd.


of their 8 outlets, there are only two I haven’t been (the dempsey and harding road outposts) – and here’s how I like them:

  1. ann siang hill: the most jazzy, distinctive outlet – good for a meal with girlfriends. a little cramp due to the small space, but the great-gatsby feel at the bar downstairs is pretty enjoyable.
  2. palais renaissance (the first set of photos above): the darkest interior of all, and long queues appear at mealtimes and on weekends – very glamorous, but the queues get tedious.
  3. orchard paragon: my most frequented branch – very convenient for a bite mid-shop – and also possibly one of the most casual, with half of it in a shop space and the other half along the corridor.
  4. tiong bahru (photos below): the tiniest of them all, and the most casual – catering mostly to takeaways, you want to plonk your butt quickly at a table, and self-service your way to the meal. pizzas are also the key thing here – very much worth your stomach space (and always get the chili oil!).
  5. martin road: half chopsuey, half ps – all good. the fusion chinese-american makes for a compelling brunch, and this is probably my favorite branch, with its alluring, picturesque interior and quite classy ambience.

they have very similar menus – apart from chopsuey, of course – and the desserts are consistently good. if you’ve never had the pleasure of a warm, steamed pudding sitting in a pool of sauce and topped with bean-speckled vanilla ice cream, you haven’t lived – and you can start doing so here.

the chocolate doorstop (brownie, marshmallows, ganache) and the chilli-chocolate cake are also stellar options – and my dad loves the coconut cake they have here, a firm custard flecked with coconut bits.

delicious, delicious.
Various locations (see here)
$$-$$$: 25-30 per person (depending on what you order, of course)

ps. (ha-ha) the mains are nothing to turn your noses up to – and their truffle fries will appeal to the savory-inclined.

3 thoughts on “dessert at, palais renaissance and tiong bahru

  1. What do you think of P.S. Cafe’s carrot cake? I am looking for the holy grail- any recommendations? Love your writing btw! You seem to have a sweet tooth like me

    • unfortunately, I haven’t had it! I haven’t yet decided if I truly consider non-chocolate cakes actual dessert yet, and I don’t think I’ve had carrot cake in years! but I do remember cedele’s version to be decent (quite a few years since I’ve eaten it, however). does that measure up still?

      if you want chocolate cake recommendations – that’s more my area of expertise!

      • I remember trying cedele’s a long time ago, and found it lacking.
        But I do love chocolate, would love your recommendations!

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