my awesome cafe, tanjong pagar

I think it takes guts to use an adjective like awesome in one’s name – especially because it invites comparison where there might not have been any.

like, do I usually give cafes concessions for serving not-nearly-up-to-the-mark food? yes – because they pander to the hipster and the cool, and so sometimes the food gets overlooked for the decor or the drinks. but when a place calls itself awesome, it sets up expectations that might be difficult to fulfil.

but that’s not to say that the food here is bad, because it isn’t: it’s hearty and quite filling and rather delicious, BUT the name just makes me wonder if I’d have naturally said that it was awesome (or would anyone, unless they had lived as a or was stuck in the persona of a teenager in 90’s america).


it’s quite a cute little place, with its mix of asian kitschy (makes sense given its location), but it can get quite warm in the non-air-conditioned space (the fans try their best).

salads and sandwiches are the call of the day – and the house special salad is a big hearty bowl of smoked salmon, chicken breast and LOTS of ripe avocado (this wins many points) atop sweet, crunch leaves. good – but I’m removing a point (and more) for a too-oily dressing on a salad that didn’t really need that extra richness.

served with a halved baguette (also another plus) spread with pesto, it made for a satiating meal. and that bread is no slouch – apparently baked on-site, it has an audible crunch and fluffy, delicious insides. most impressive.

so while I’m not a fan of the name, the food’s worth a return (but please, change out the dressing on that salad).

My Awesome Café
202 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068630
tel +65 8428 0102
$$: 20ish a person

One thought on “my awesome cafe, tanjong pagar

  1. Thank you so much for your write up about My Awesome Cafe.
    Indeed, it takes guts to use an adjective like awesome in one’s name, but once people understand the true meaning of awesome, in a fun and genuine way, I hope we have achieved to carry such a name, because our aim has always been to create a happy place for everyone.
    Awesome; inspiring wonder or excitement. The oldest meaning of “awesome” is “something which inspires awe”.
    Awesome does not mean perfection, and as one of the blogger wrote it, “I expected perfection and I was wrong”, “instead, I should have expected awesomeness, which I did feel”.
    I would love to have you back, and this time, I would love to meet with you, to take you through our journey, our vision, the soul and the spirit behind My Awesome Cafe.
    You can email me at
    The vinaigrette ale have a story behind, please give me the chance to explain it all to you soon…

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