alkaff mansion, telok blangah

average-ly italiano at this quite gorgeous venue hidden up in telok blangah. it’s a surprising location, until you realize it’s situated in a quite beautiful park with great views over our tiny city.

the food itself is pretty average-to-decent. I can’t say that I would necessarily return, but it makes for a decent meal if you want to give it a go.


we actually came here because I also wanted to check it out for the wedding – and was told, quite disappointingly, that the outdoor canopy would be taken down at the end of the year. that made it a no-go – so if you’re contemplating the same, be sure to check again.

the house itself is a black-and-white colonial affair, with limited seating inside. it’s all tastefully, classily done, and staff are dressed up pretty dapper – in a good-for-the-expense-account (does anyone still have one?) kind of way.

bread comes somewhat lukewarm with vinegar and olive oil, a slight piece of ciabatta that fills you up before the dishes start.

we took the three-course lunch set, and mine came with draped slivers of ham with pine nuts and balsamic, with a centrepiece of pea mash. this was quite good, and a ncie mix of fresh and savory.

the dish of seared fish fillet was served on a (celeriac?) puree, alongside a mash topped with sauteed mushrooms. quite nice flavours, but small. that mash was quite rich and creamy though, but I’d prefer to fill up on protein.

I think the dessert the best done – the chocolate lava cake is a classic for a reason, and decently done here. served with vanilla ice cream and a beautifully-arranged array of fruit, it was still slightly oozey in the middle. if you’re into ice cream, the semifreddo makes for a decent choice as well, a creamy (slightly icy) block of cream dished up very prettily.

it was an okay meal, though nothing more outstanding: I think the venue makes for a much more impressive reason to come here. it’s pricey too, though the lunch set helps, so I’d save it for business meetings at lunchtime, or quite cozy dates at night.

Alkaff Mansion
10 Telok Blangah Green
Singapore 109178
tel +65 6510 3068
$$$: 40-50 per person at lunch

One thought on “alkaff mansion, telok blangah

  1. The food looks very pretty here! Might give this restaurant a go, though you are right, they look to be quite pricey. You’re probably paying for the presentation more than anything!

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