boteyju san, star vista

one-up-from-fast-food japanese at the star vista. this place sits price-wise and feel-wise somewhat with ichiban boshi, with sub-twenty prices and a space that feels better than a food court (but perhaps only slight better).

it’s a decent place for a quick lunch, which is really why we were here – my dad likes the fried rice for a simple meal if he’s in the area.


the menu is actually really small – it’s a mix of seared meats and fried rice served on hot plates, and there is a small range of appetisers like gyoza (thick skins and a bit soggy) and salad (fresh and crisp, and a welcome respite to the oilier mains that later arrived).

they also do up okonomiyaki – but I’m not a fan of that dense, heavy pancake.

we rather obviously had the fried rice, since that’s what my dad came here for, and it’s alright – but I can’t say it’s anything to really travel for. the grains are separate, which is usually the mark of a decent fried rice, but the dish is also a little oily (and hence too rich), and the bits of chopped pork atop a little dry. the grains also feel slightly hard – which is desirable in small amounts if you find at the bottom of a claypot, but a little too much as an entire dish.

and if you see that top photo, their seared meats are also very indicative of osaka cooking – rather heavy seasoning and quite oily. I’m not a big fan.

a decent option if you’re already in the area, and you want something different and better than the food court at the top floor, but otherwise – sushi tei it is (as it always is).

Boteyju San
#02-21 The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
tel +65 6334 7529
$$: 15-20 per person

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