takumi, marina at keppel bay

unspectacular, averagely japanese at this restaurant by keppel bay – it’s actually a little disappointing, given the distance to which you literally have to travel to, and the expectation you build up while sitting in this quite gorgeous restaurant.

but it’s fairer to say the food isn’t all that bad – it’s merely a case of unfulfilled expectations.


let’s start with the restaurant – bright light streams in the daytime to this wood-filled place. both modern and traditional, it certainly breeds confidence – as does the japanese lady that comes by to take your orders.

but we realised early on, that while the dishes were plated rather prettily in lacquered boxes and japanese pottery, they also fell a little short of that WHOOMPH that we had expected.

like the sashimi, which certainly seemed fresh enough, but didn’t scream of the quality or sweetness you’d expect in a joint like this; to their cooked dishes of sauteed chicken and tempura served in the bento set, which should have provided interest to the meal, but only succeeded in fading into a rather blurry background of japanese flavors.

although if you did come here, I’d certainly go straight for the chirashi order, which looked really rather impressive. the usual match of salmon and tuna is amped up with bits of chewy clams (which brought the sweetness we had been expecting), as well as sweet pickle and slices of tamago. good, but not great – still the best thing on our table though.

and, match it with the kushiyaki – the sticks of grilled, marinated meats are cooked till tender, with char marks that indicate care in cooking.

so well, if you are in the area – stick to the chirashi and the grilled sticks. or perhaps you’d like to give the teppanyaki a go, and let me know?

#02-01 Marina at Keppel Bay
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382
tel _65 6271 7414
$$.5: 35ish onward

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