ryan’s grocery, binjai park

cute little grocery in binjai park, with a focus on gluten-free, complete with an in-house butchery and shelves of amazing imported goods. I have a weakness for supermarkets, and spend an inordinate amount of time in them on holidays (hello and sorry, fiancé!) – and I especially love seeing new things you can’t get in our ntucs and cold storages.

so it’s fair and likely embarrassing to admit that I have a love for imported goods – just for the variety – and while I don’t have gluten-free requirements (hallelujah bread!), this place is a veritable haven for them.

(and OH MY GOD, but did you know that mary berry has her own mayonnaise?!)


going gluten-free is getting more common these days – and if you, or your family (as the shopowner’s eponymous son does) suffer from similar allergies, there are places like this one that provide plenty of options.

and if you don’t, GO CRAZY ANYWAY! it’s all awesome, like this array of truffle-infused products – that truffle mustard was remarkably and SURPRISINGLY fantastic with battered-and-fried smelt (also known as shishamo). I imagine it would go well with all sorts of fried food though.

and is it just me, or have you already seen this array of ayam brand sauces around? such beautiful, primary colors – very modern but traditional at the same time. I’d like to draw your attention to the plant-based sweeteners on top though, which are great options for breakfast (think oatmeal, or pancakes?).

but of course, given its illustrious binjai park location and target demographic, you rightly expect fancier stuff, and they have it by the bucketloads (tins and jars, really) here. chilled jars of russian caviar, blocks of lovely cheese, and even more jars of flavored (truffle is really the flavor of the age) salts.

you might be interested to know that this quite-small grocery has a fantastic in-house butchery, which offers not only whatever cut of meat might have your fancy, but also presents trays of marinated meats and house-made sausages.

I mean, it’s all organic and fancy if you like your beefs and porks that way, but a major star of the show was the chorizo sausage, which was slightly spicy and very flavorful (and even more moreish).

even better, the sausages come with a distinct grind that feels homely, is loose enough to show the lack of overenthusiastic reliance on fillers, and they taste great (especially with onion and fruit chutneys).

and if my overly verbose enthusiasm for groceries hasn’t rubbed off on you yet, can you please see how nicely they can dress up a table? the store also sells fruit and veg, from things like ripe figs (one of my favoritest fruits!) to carrots that are so ugly or scrawny that they are good enough only for juicing (they have pretty ones in a separate box).

I love the display, and the sheer freshness of it all – and hey, decorating tip: everything looks good on a red-clothed table.

we were lucky that day to have store-owner wendy share with us her passion for what she’s doing – and also a few of her favorite products; like a sour cherry juice, so deeply concentrated as to resemble the viscosity and intensity of flavor of prune juice (but with more tang!); and a delicious latasha’s kitchen cherry chocolate sauce that goes well with all sorts of cut fruit.

wendy also prepared a pancake similar to a latke, serving it with goat cheese and a beetroot relish – all good party ideas. but my favorite has to be the topmost salad, tossed with chimichurri and passion fruit for very sprightly, refreshing dish.

the store is a little hidden away in binjai, but I promise that a visit is well worth it (I am currently feasting on the four nut butters and sauces I escaped with) – and most especially if you’re in the market for quality, organic and free-range meats, gluten-free products, and a veritable treasure trove of international pantry items.

Ryan’s Grocery
29 Binjai Park
Singapore 589 831
tel +65 6463 3933

thanks to wendy for hosting us at our visit here!

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