wingzone, bugis+

perfect-for-students and binge-day casual dining a few steps above regular fast food in bugis+. if you spent most of your university days (this applies more to men than women, and of course I’m generalising) surviving on take-out and fast food, this place will bring back memories (most especially if you did that tour while in the US).

conceived by two starving students in Georgia who just couldn’t fathom another slice of pizza, this place has nearly twenty years of experience behind it, and more than its fair share of expanded waistlines.

it’s no diet food for sure, but those wedges are well-worth any guilt.


lemon-zinger hand-breaded tenders

it’s not a complicated concept – they do three things: wings – of the buffalo style, burgers and wedges; all of which are majorly customizable with their range of flavors and rubs. these things are their USP – so much that they use terms like ‘flavor fuze’ and ‘flavorholics’ (which would betray a certain crowd I don’t necessarily belong to).

I really liked the mango fire flavor, as well as the buffalo bliss, and neither is as spicy as you would assume for a local joint – they take on the mild heat of the jalapeno amidst a backdrop of vinegar-sour.

if you’re considering the base for these flavors, I would recommend the wing and drumsticks: they are moist and meaty, with a hefty bit of breast left on the drumlet. the chicken tenders are a little less satisfactory, with a texture that smacks of reconstitution.

carrots & celery

blackened voodoo flavour rub wedges

crudites with a ranch sauce are the only really sort of healthful thing on offer here (but hey, even fried food can be relatively healthy in moderation) – but don’t mess with these sticks of carrot and celery.

go straight for the wedges, and do them in the blackened voodoo style. SO, SO GOOD, and SO, SO MOREISH. ridiculous edible, and scarily so – they are like the best mix of fluffy wedge and flavored crisps there are

so good.

grilled chicken thigh burger basket

I would skip the burger for the wings, given as the former is to slight sloppiness. but the grilled chicken thigh between the bun is adequately substantial if you’re in the mood.

the server did recommend the beef burger though – so perhaps that’s worth a go.

brownie bites

and to finish, there were little cubes of their supposedly renowned brownie bites. these were very interesting, with a crusty crust that I just could not understand – are they fried?! cooked into a sort of double-sided aebleskiver pan? regardless, they were adequately cocoa-y (though in a box-mix sort of way) – my sister recommends eating them hot.

at the end of the day (I’m obsessed with people who use this phrase regularly), it’s a slightly-better-than-but-still fast food joint. the chicken wings and wedges are just the thing for a craving – and a quite nice option amidst the other korean/ asian chicken wing joints that have been popping up very often. go casual, and hey – they do delivery too.

Wing Zone
#04-02 Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
tel +65 6222 9464
$.5: 20

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