zafferano, clifford pier

ok, ok, I ate here during restaurant week – which was in.. october? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

decent food, good view, quiet cosy-type environs all done up in dark tones – it’s a safe choice for dates, and its location in the CBD is plenty convenient.

I will say though, that the photographs of zafferano are a little nicer than the actual restaurant is, but at least the food and service pass muster. and – they have a stellar tenderloin on offer that was quite utterly delicious.


I’m typically skeptical of restaurant week offerings, primarily because the kitchens aren’t accustomed to such high loads, and ordering ala carte usually gives you better value (and high levels of fullness). but zafferano fared pretty well here, with a well-designed menu that had a good mix of seafood, meat and veggie, and supplement options here and there to round out the meal.

as with much of my writing, I will be talking more about the quality and experience – a side effect really, of often writing so late after the fact.

but things stick with you – like this platter of warm bread that was served at the start with evoo and balsamic, alongside our mains of salmon carpaccio and a side order of oysters. this was a pleasant start.

but it was overshadowed by these beautiful dishes of fillet mignon that appeared – the pink was just so, and it had a slightly crusty exterior that had obviously met with a very hot pan. the jus was plenty savory and only slightly thickened, the way I like it – the whole thing came together very felicitous with crispy roast baby potatoes and tender spears of asparagus.

there’s a foie gras supplement too, if you’re into that. I’m not that fancy, but my friends certainly enjoyed that measures slab of liver.

there was a bit of a breather before dessert – enough to favour your wine if you’re into that (a habit I’m unfortunately learning). the dessert was very prettily plated and rich enough to round things off without sinking what had turned out to be a very well-balanced meal.

the patio outside is made for lounging and drinking, but even the tables along the edge of the restaurant boast excellent views of our quite fantastic marina bay area.

bring someone you like here – I doubt you’d regret it.

Level 43-01
10 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049315
tel +65 6509 1488
$$$: 65 onward

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