yamazaki japanese restaurant, one fullerton

no.. that’s not a glass of yamazaki. the eponymous whisky made no appearance at my meal, though a slew of rather (surprisingly) delicious dishes made it onto our table, and very quickly into our stomachs.

this place looks pretty much like a tourist/ yuppie trap, with its location at one fullerton and its disarming views across our beautiful marina bay area. but the food is prepared by bona fide japanese, and there are plenty of japanese clientele to provide credibility to the kitchen (or perhaps the well-stocked bar). slightly pricey, but no more than you’d expect for the location and the slight fine-diningesque feel about the place.


I would totally recommend the chirashi bowl – it’s a moderate portion (by which I mean, you ain’t gonna get full just on it) that satisfies with burstworthy ikura spheres and plenty of fresh cubed fish. the wasabi is REAL (it is sad that we need to indicate that) and burns a clean way through your nostrils if you take too much – not that I did that, of course – and adds plenty of pleasure. a very good choice.

as was this plate of grilled squid, actually, which took some time to come but was worth the wait. the sauce drapes smoothly over the tender squid – cooked just right, without any rubberiness – and there’s enough feel of the grill to be satisfying.

if you’ve got the stomach for it, the mixed tempura platter and grilled chicken that we ordered would make for good options, as would the sushi rolls filled with freshly-fried, battered prawns and rolled in crunch tobiko.

a nice place for a date or dinner with friends. the view is excellent, but incidental to the competent cooking that happens in these kitchens.

Yamazaki Japanese Restaurant Bar
#01-05 One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049213
tel +65 6423 1555
$$$: 45ish

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