boulangerie saint preux, paris

located at 8 avenue jean jaures, just across the entrance to the metro.

great breakfast/quick lunch spot near the jaurès metro in paris. this cafe was a short walk away from the lovely apartment we were staying at in paris, and so we popped in every morning lured by the prospects of freshly baked goods and something not often found in boulangeries – tables and chairs.

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lacquemant de lille, lille

such absolutely brilliant waffles at this tiny corner shop in lille. lille feels like a pretty tiny french town, full of gorgeous architecture and a pretty decent high street (enough to do some shopping, if you’d like).

we arrived here on a day-trip from paris, and were looking forward to meals of moules and frites here, especially after hearing my father’s recollections of great mussels when he last visited a few years ago. the proximity to belgium certainly reinforced our expectations of a good shellfish meal, but I have to say that what I was most excited by was the prospect of a good waffle.

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views of paris

just to share with you guys a few shots that I took up the eiffel tower. this is my second trip up there, and only because my grandmother came along with us this trip.

there’s something always awe-inspiring about looking from a fantastically tall structure – sometimes we take things for granted and sideline amazing things as commonplace, but being up there really opens your eyes to human strength and vulnerability.

pho banh cuon 14, paris

I am over my head in food photos and blog posts! there are about thirty coming up (and I’m still eating, obviously, and so I’m starting to despair of when I will lament a lack of things to post) so I hope you’re still reading and enjoying them. the photos in this one were taken under dismal lighting, I apologize.

pretty decent vietnamese food near the tolbiac metro station in paris. we’ve been coming to this vietnamese restaurant on every trip in paris, just as we go to leon du bruxelles, ever since my father got a heads-up on this tiny place serving steaming bowls of beef pho in the 13th arrondissement.

this was five or six years ago, when pho 14 still felt like a secret shared only by the locals – it felt family run and though you queued up a while to get a table in this tiny establishment, it was quaint and a respite from the never-ending crowds in paris. it’s a completely different story now – this secret has now leaked out (probably through the proliferation of blogs such as my own), the place is packed to the rafters with the queues extending on the pavement past the next-door restaurant, and service is a little more harried (though very efficient).

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sip babylone, paris

located at 46 boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris. more information available here.

decent cafe near the marche raspail in the 7th arrondissement. we popped by this place after a leisurely stroll in the beautiful organic market located along the boulevard raspail – where I had gorged myself on blueberries and heavily-fruited bread – since my parents were hankering after a cup of coffee with which to start the morning.

I haven’t many photos here, but they do serve a mean fluffy omelette, huge and filled with cheese and ham, as well as a very fluffy brioche. there are displays of pastries and cakes by the window, but we opted for a fluffy brioche and a couple of cooked breakfasts. they ran out of croissants when we were ordering, but I saw them bring up huge trays of freshly-baked croissants mid-meal that looked fantastic – so maybe you ought to try those!

bring your french though, as the waiters aren’t the most friendly and the english menu isn’t really comprehensive – we ended up gesturing and pointing to the omelette another diner was having.

rose bakery, paris

located at 40 rue de Debblyeme in the Marais district, Paris.

great little cafe hidden away from the chaos of paris. this is hidden in terms of location, but I suppose it really is a sort of open secret – we had to wait for nearly twenty minutes in order to get a table for four, and the tiny cafe was lined with tables and hipster-type parisians.

it was only after going to the bakery and doing a bit of research – as any self-assuming food blogger would do – that I found out that this place has incredible internet presence, turning up a torrent of blog posts – even from dorie greenspan and clothilde – and that it was open by a french-british couple who decided to emulate the british cafes so prevalent in london. I’ve already written much about my love for these establishments, and so it ought to come to no surprise that I rather liked this cafe. I do have to say though, that it’s very apparent that the environ and food are meant to be of the british-cafe-sort (as I see it in my mind), it is very clear that you are nowhere in the UK.

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marché d’aligre, paris

located at Place d’Aligre, 75011 Paris. (bad and rather rudimentary) website here.

so yes, I know, I have shared a few markets with you before, and mostly from france. but really, I haven’t seen any markets elsewhere in the world that have produce better, or even comparable to that in france. ripe fruit, vibrantly-coloured vegetables, the tastiest food you’ve ever seen all piled up in a large compound – not always the prettiest, the shiniest, or any of those incredibly mundane and utterly meaningless attributes supermarkets all over the world have decided are desirable in our fruit.

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leon du bruxelles, paris

located at 63 Av. des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris. website here.

pretty good mussels at the champs-élysées, in the heart of paris. my family have always come to leon while in paris, and I think it’s been three visits now – what pulls us back is the guarantee of decent (and quite satisfying) pots of mussels in what is an area filled with tourist spots. yada yada about the fact that we are real tourists – we appreciate really good food.

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a sneak peek

so I’ve been on a whirlwind holiday in paris and london, the latter I returned to to finally celebrate the completion of four years of study – four years of unforgettable and really great times. it was good respite from the heat in overly-sunny singapore, and also bittersweet in reliving (and making) memories.

but enough of that – though don’t be surprised if I reminisce a little more in subsequent posts – I have a torrent of posts to follow! I was on holiday with my family – great food-obsessed people as well – and we had some very good meals this meals. some complex, some simple, all good.

here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come; and I fancy these posts will be of greater current interest to my british and european readers, but hey it could be useful when you guys go on holiday in london or paris (or just have a look at pretty food photos). and in an effort to be helpful, links will follow here when the posts come up!


le babylone
leon de bruxelles
restaurant pho banh cuon 14
rose bakery
markets; including raspail, les enfant rouges and d’aligre


aux moules


addie’s thai
baozi inn (yes, again)
markets; borough and portobello
recipease and its deli
restaurant gordon ramsay at royal hospital road
zizzi’s (at hampton court)

taverne massena, nice

massena (1)massena (2)massena (3)massena (4)massena (5)massena (6)

mediocre food in nice. this was our last meal in nice, and boy was it a letdown. we had walked by countless times on the way back to the hotel, and were always enticed by the wood-fired oven. I think we are all trained to expect great food from good ovens, but this restaurant is an example of how good equipment does not mean a place can churn out good food.

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