backend work: geographical gastronomy

I’ve been rather frustrated with indexing my posts since starting andmorefood – I was never sure what would be useful for you guys in navigating the posts, and all that manual listing on the previous out-and-about page was both tedious (and didn’t seem quite worth all the effort for turning out merely as a long and rather meandering list).

so let’s try something new, shall we? I’ve just spent a couple of days trying to organize the posts onto maps – so that you can find restaurants near places you’ll be visiting, or use for planning out your days. I’ve also reinstated the search bar, just in case you’re looking for something specific

you’ll see it all here on geographical gastronomy, listed also on the sidebar. let me know what you think?


p.s. the blog turned two years old just a few days ago: this calls for cake – and thank you all for sticking around!

a whiskey collection

I’m pretty sure it’s obvious by now that I’m not quite a drinker – not at all, in fact. but I had the opportunity to shoot a friend’s collection – not literally, of course – and boy, those bottles sure are beaut.

my appreciation for their exteriors far outweigh the liquid within – so I bring you a guest post of sorts – an exposition on these bottles from their very owner (which also means I take no blame for the content – all the credit does belong to me though, so keep that coming).

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of porridge for autumn

yes, I live in singapore.
yes, we have a blazing sun, and temperatures that average the three-zero.
and no, our tropical climate doesn’t allow for the seasons.

but for some reason, I’ve been craving warmer flavors like pumpkin and spices like cinnamon – and those are no-brainer additions to my daily bowl of hot porridge. here’s some inspiration if you’re thinking of shaking up your hot-bowl routine:

  1. toasted almond meal makes for a fragrant protein addition to breakfast (which should help with keeping those hunger pangs away a couple more minutes or so)
  2. mixing store-bought ground spices (yes, the horror) into oatmeal works best when it’s just been cooked thick and hot, before you add your milk – they tend to float above liquidy mixtures without properly homogenizing
  3. and a mixture of grains makes for the best porridge – great texture, nutty flavor, and higher nutrition. my current favourite = pearl barley + cracked wheat + cracked rye = delicious.

p.s. porridge recipe here, if you’d like your own bowl of comfort in the morning. I cook and portion out at night, before a 3-minute nuke in the morning: fuss-free and completely brainless.

coconut tea cake with a chocolate top

I made this cake a while back for a barbecue with friends, and it was born of simple requirements: a non-fussy cake that wouldn’t mess up too many bowls (important when you’re already prepping lots of other food), and no icing monstrosity please – easy enough to finish even after having ate too much.

it’s a soft fluffy tea-cake that bakes up light and fragrant with toasted coconut and vanilla – a great finish after dinner (or for tea!) with its bittersweet chocolate top.

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healthy avocado loaf with a lime glaze

HEAD’S UP if you’re a londoner – or will be in london come october – and love food fests: I have a giveaway happening later today!

let’s start by saying that this loaf is gorgeous. the loaf is a deep golden outside, and the most brilliant pastel green withine green, the icing is a brilliant white cover holding a sprinkle of green pepitas in place.

there isn’t any added fat in this recipe – it’s essentially a pound cake with the butter replaced by a fair amount of mashed avocado (rather deservedly termed nature’s butter) and with only four ingredients to it, it’s an easy task to churn this one out in an hour (and most of that’s spent baking, what’s more). if you’ve ever made a fat-free banana bread, the texture of this one will be pretty familiar – it’s got the sturdiness of a quickbread and a rather elastic crumb, and makes for a heck of a great tea accompainment.

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of seeds on marmalade toast

not a recipe – but a suggestion, perhaps? I ran out of peanut butter yesterday, and discovered that throwing nuts and seeds atop marmalade on a bit of wholemeal makes for a great breakfast.

I met lots of interesting people this weekend – and had good conversations about food (what else, eh?) and everything, really – which made up for a slightly grouchy week. hope you’re doing fantabulous!


the versatile blogger award

versatile blogger award

the very talented sophia at silk and spice and michelle at bite by michelle were kind enough to give me this award (thank you very much!) – these women are great cooks and brilliant photographers, so I feel very humble and grateful that they would.

as part of the award, I now have to figure out seven facts to tell you about myself – but safe ones, right, so I won’t have to kill you after telling:

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