recipease, london (the deli)

pretty little deli belonging to jamie oliver in the heart of notting hill. this is a sequel to my earlier post on the cafe at this same site – and I have to say that just as much as I enjoyed breakfast at the cafe, I loved walking about the deli. bread, pastries, jams, oils, chocolates, utensils – I mean you name (a food-associated) it, they probably have it.

these photos are just a tiny distillation of the huge space downstairs. there is a sort of giant island in the centre, where people take cooking lessons – that night there were a group of adults learning various methods of cuttings vegetables, such as dicing, matchstick-ing and julienning. surrounding this are shelves full of food: jamie-branded jars of jam and mustards and pickles, colourful bottles of oils and vinegars, and loads of straight-away-edibles such as chocolates and biscuits.

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carluccio’s, london

relatively-quick and decent italian at kings cross st. pancras. we hopped off the eurostar famished and with a need for some proper nourishment, and a quick google turned up either le pain quotidien or this place for proper food – and so my bread-wary parents opted for carluccio’s. they have a pretty interesting menu – full of classics but also with a few neat surprises, and the cooking here is in general rather on the positive side of average.

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restaurant gordon ramsay at royal hospital road, london

such a fantastic meal we had at this tiny slip of a restaurant just around sloane square. this blog seems to play almost embarrassing tributes to the gordon ramsay establishments (such as my still-favourite meal at petrus) but I have had such a lovely time at both restaurants – I went with high expectations and came away satisfied, and you don’t often get to say that about many places.

this was a celebration lunch for graduation, and also one of the first times I’ve brought my parents to a fine-dining restaurant, as such. we eat very well and rather widely, but my family has a dislike for fussy food – which usually refers to the over-decorated western establishments with more emphasis on aesthetics than substance – which was why even though I had been to this restaurant two years ago and had a fantastic time, I had more than a little trepidation on making reservations here.

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recipease, london

pretty good breakfast in notting hill. this was the first breakfast I had in london since arriving, and it was more a convenience meal than a destination one – I hadn’t realized it was a jamie oliver establishment until we walked through the door – since it was only about 5 minutes away from where we were staying.

I’m not sure how to go about describing this place, but it felt very much like a british cafe, the like of which I miss in singapore – vibrant but calm, welcoming, and somehow feels like you’ll get a good cup of tea (only now do I realise how spoilt I was by the countless steaming cups of tea I had back in college) in there. it also fits with the impression oliver has been portraying these few years – it’s not something I can necessarily describe, but suffice to say that if you’ve been watching his shows and enjoy his aesthetic, you’ll feel at home here.

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a sneak peek

so I’ve been on a whirlwind holiday in paris and london, the latter I returned to to finally celebrate the completion of four years of study – four years of unforgettable and really great times. it was good respite from the heat in overly-sunny singapore, and also bittersweet in reliving (and making) memories.

but enough of that – though don’t be surprised if I reminisce a little more in subsequent posts – I have a torrent of posts to follow! I was on holiday with my family – great food-obsessed people as well – and we had some very good meals this meals. some complex, some simple, all good.

here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come; and I fancy these posts will be of greater current interest to my british and european readers, but hey it could be useful when you guys go on holiday in london or paris (or just have a look at pretty food photos). and in an effort to be helpful, links will follow here when the posts come up!


le babylone
leon de bruxelles
restaurant pho banh cuon 14
rose bakery
markets; including raspail, les enfant rouges and d’aligre


aux moules


addie’s thai
baozi inn (yes, again)
markets; borough and portobello
recipease and its deli
restaurant gordon ramsay at royal hospital road
zizzi’s (at hampton court)

oriel grande brasserie, heathrow

oriel (1) oriel (2)oriel (3) oriel (4)

decent diner in heathrow terminal 3. so airport and airplane food is typically bad and not quite worth paying too much for, which is why I usually stick to sandwiches but this time it was like sort of saying goodbye to london and so we decided to go for something more special.

oriel’s has a large bar in the front, and the inside was a mock-up of a retro-style paris bistro. it has a medium-sized menu typical of restaurants in this style, ranging from all-day breakfasts to french ‘classics’.

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odette’s, london

great british in camden. this post marks the end of my current spate of london reviews as I have graduated from four years of brilliant university life and am returning to singapore to my family and for work. I will be back (and continuing reviewing!) but after this post most of mine will be of singapore restaurants, where I will be based. it feels right to me that I finish it with a british restaurant since I very much love this city I’ve been in for the last few years, and for all that people make fun of its culinary genius of lack of, there are a great number of fantastic british chefs around doing great work, just as in odette’s.

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le pain quotidien, london

lpq (1) lpq (2)

my ultimate favourite brunch place in south kensington, and all of their branches. this is going to be a short exposition on the chain that is le pain quotidien.

rather, it is going to be a short homage to their white chocolate spread known as the blondie. I don’t ever eat white chocolate, but the thing about this spread is that it is creamy and rich, and goes so well with all types of bread (and even without). it is also far too easy to eat too much of it, which is why I never dare to buy a jar (they do sell them) or allow myself to come too often.

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made in camden, london

camden (1)camden (2)camden (3)camden (4)camden (5)camden (6)camden (7)camden (8)

interesting british-european in camden. I’ve put this post off for a very long time because logically evaluating the meal tells me that the food was good and quite interesting most of the time, but my instant response if you were to ask me how I felt about this restaurant is that I didn’t like it.

the place is larger than I expected (though just to share the toilet is the public one that theatre-goers can use, and hence not very pleasant) and service is young and a little absent-minded in the sense that sometimes it seemed like we were forgotten. the restaurant operates in small-plates, and the menu is divided to meat, vegetable and dessert types.

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hummus bros, london

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

truly awesome hummus (and more) in soho. I haven’t enjoyed a meal more at this price point in london for a very long time – and I really regret not having come here earlier even though it’s been on my to-do for ages.

the menu is small and simple, and suits the sort of walk-in-or-stay-for-a-while style of cafe they’ve set up at wardour street (land of the wonderful busaba eathai, princi, and more; also one of my favourite streets in london). service is friendly and fantastic – and very prompt. you basically have a choice of toppings over their specialty hummus, and you can get pitas alongside or salads.

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