las vegas, and some eating (part two)

part two of the las vegas update – during which I visit the famed cheesecake factory and jamba juice.

these chains are well-famous – one on the excessively calorific end of the spectrum, and the other a well-known purveyor of fruit-and-health-in-a-cup.

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las vegas, and some eating (part one)

nothing says las vegas like bright neon lights advertising a bit of harmless (or not quite so harmless) gambling.

I’ve got to admit, it’s not my favorite city. I associate las vegas with stale smoke, seedy joints (even the hotel lobbies feel seedy in nice places), and loud, aggressive people. the last time I visited this place, I was young enough that only the sphinx made an impression, and this time – I can add exorbitantly cut-throat expensive dining to that list of why-I’m-not-so-impressed.

I was there for work, which meant limited time to enjoy their many food options, although I did have the chance to try out what the land-of-blue-and-red is really known for: their not-quite-fast-food-(but-almost) diner-eateries.

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chicago, usa (take 2)

part two-and-final of my trip to chicago – and I think, really, that shot of the sandwich says it all. it’s amazing eating and great shopping in a beautiful city – and can I please lament how insignificant a single person’s appetite is?

I tried my best to eat, and walk off the food, just so I could stuff more things in – and only barely scratched the surface of this gastronomic paradise. but, all the more there is to return to!

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chicago, usa (take 1)

I had the chance this july to head to chicago, and I love it. love it.

it’s an amazing city full of eating, and eating, and shopping – and those are my favorite things to do, ever. I was so excited planning the trip up: there are just so many restaurant recommendations on both yelp and chowhound, and refinery29 and serious eats – I nearly went into hysterics just the few days before going up.

singapore may be a good place for an eater, but chicago (and london, incidentally) takes gastronomy to another level.

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burger continental, pasadena


(a late post from last month!)

welcome to the USA! land of large serving sizes and a curious mixture of food. I was in Pasadena for about 3 days and this was the first restaurant I went to, albeit chosen for its affordability to students.

it was a curious mix of food as I shall soon explain, and though everything tasted
relatively decent and more than edible, I was so confused by the endless stream of dishes coming out. what’s more, this was a set that was planned for our party by the restaurant which really should have paved the way for more coherence, but didn’t.

we started the meal with a mixture of hummus, tabbouleh and raitas with pita bread, all very tasty, especially since the bread was warm. soon after came a heavily dressing-doused greek-style salad with hard cheese and olives – so doused that you could see a layer of dressing on the bottom of the plate.

mains followed, starting with an italian vegetable lasagne that was cheesy and sloppy (but in a good way) as well as a middle-eastern chicken kebab dish. the chicken was very good though oily, and had lovely charred parts. it was served on a pita bread that I think was meant to soak up the oil but really the surface of pitas aren’t conducive to that kind of responsibility so it was oily enough to blot on a napkin.

we were then served a potato dish that no one at the table touched. it was basically sitting in a centimetre of oil – yuck. the rice pilau that followed – very persian – was also very oily though apparently rather flavourful; I didn’t touch it myself.

our last main course was another pasta – this time a creamy salmon mushroom carbonara. this was tasty but by this time we were all stuffed, and could only a few pieces of salmon.

I think through this meal we traversed quite a bit of europe and the middle east, and it has been one of the most confusing meals I’ve had in a while. there was enough food leftover to pack 4 large trays to bring back, and that is typical of the other meals I had here. I’m not sure I would come back, but I’m told that this place is good for value in the area and good for students and so perhaps it might suit your needs.

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