traipsing about the kitchen


my go-to recipes

asian butter cake
butter cake tips and variationscake
bircher muesli
chocolate chip sour cream cake
citrus madeleines
hot whole-grain cereal porridge
citrus syrup cakes
quadruple chocolate cake
table water crackers


almond torta
american carrot cake (no .2)
apricot crisp
avocado loaf cake with a lime glaze
baked french toast
bircher muesli
bircher muesli, take 2
banana bread
banana coconut cake
butter cake-muffins
butter loaf cake
butter loaf cake (no. 2, and even better)
(hainanese) butter cake
(walnut) butter cake (no. 3, and the best yet)
american carrot cake
cheesecake (and balls!)
checkerboard chocolate cake
chocolate chip sour cream cake
chocolate-glazed eclairs with a white pastry cream and orange-lime curd
chocolate-hazelnut meringue cake
chocolate lava cake
chocolate marble cake
chocolate peanut-butter cake
chocolate puddle cookies
chocolate sesame cookies
coconut loaf cake
coconut tea cake with a chocolate top
cookies-and-condensed-milk ice cream
corn muffins
crispy white chocolate cookies
dense chocolate loaf
hot whole-grain cereal porridge
iced vovos
jammy swiss roll
lemon-blackcurrant cake with meringue
lemon cake
lemon cornmeal cake
lime cake
lime curd
lime curd meringue layer cake
malted milk (horlicks) layer cake
marmalade-glazed orange madeleines
new york cheesecake
nutella-stuffed banana cookies
(nutella!) swiss roll
olive oil and yogurt cake
ombre cake
orange brown butter madeleines
orangey honey madeleines
orange muffins
pandan chiffon cake
pandan juice
pandan kaya cake with a coconut frosting
peanut butter cookies
pear loaf
plainly perfect pound cake
quadruple chocolate cake
spanish melon sorbet
spongey banana cake
strawberry summer cake
table water crackers
tau sar piah (mung bean pastries), the making
tau sar piah (mung bean pastries), the product
thai layered coconut jelly dessert (ta ko)
toasted white sesame cake
toasty coconutty granola
upside-down banana (and chocolate) loaf cake
vanilla yogurt pannacotta
whizzed clementine cake
whole meyer lemon cake
whole meyer lemon tart


beef and mushroom stew
broccoli and mushrooms (with abalone)
cheddar gougeres
chinese barbecued pork (or charsiu)
chinese meatballs
home grill
roasted brussel sprouts
roasted cabbage
seafood dinner
sautéed/stir-fried vegetables
stir-fried black pepper chicken
stir-fried okra with chilies
stir-fried squid and peppers
sweet and sour pork
table water crackers
three cup (san-bei) chicken
vietnamese minced meat spring rolls (chả giò)


classic margherita

and the bad

lemon cake
pandan chiffon cake (strike one)
iced vovos

and some other things

a cake consultation: shawn (un, deux, trois)
chocolate ice cream
egg wash tips
lacto-vino night-o (tips on holding a cheese-and-wine)
liebster award
liebster award, no. 2
of a barbecue at sunset
our growing edge, may 2013 (I was host!)
a public debut (I have a logo!)
seeds on marmalade toast
versatile blogger award

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