pita pan, town

alright middle-eastern/morrocan/turkish/that-region food at the al-fresco dining area of the marina bay sands. hot on the heels of my previous post lamenting the non-presence of good such-food joints in singapore, this place is a very posh conception of a fast-food joint. it’s pretty expensive, to start off, and sort of strangely – since hummus is basically pre-prepared and cooked before hand, and most of the ingredients at this place are laid out sort of subway style (so you expect prices more akin to that establishment). but the food isn’t too bad, and its location pretty convenient for a mid-shop craving/hunger pang – so I will assume now that it isn’t my last visit.

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graze, buona vista

amazing australian/western food in the deep of rochestor park, away from the crowds. there is a very special place in my heart that graze occupies, and has done so since my first visit here perhaps four years ago. I associate it with good friends, great service, a cosy ambience and really good food – and I tend not to meet people here that I don’t particularly like, just so I don’t taint my everlasting memories of graze with them. unfair? – I think not.

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odette’s, london

great british in camden. this post marks the end of my current spate of london reviews as I have graduated from four years of brilliant university life and am returning to singapore to my family and for work. I will be back (and continuing reviewing!) but after this post most of mine will be of singapore restaurants, where I will be based. it feels right to me that I finish it with a british restaurant since I very much love this city I’ve been in for the last few years, and for all that people make fun of its culinary genius of lack of, there are a great number of fantastic british chefs around doing great work, just as in odette’s.

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