chewy junior, serangoon

since I’ve never had a piece of this myself, I’m leaving you the words of my rather manic sister (upon finding out that I had bought her a couple) – if it isn’t clear, the words in green are mine:

for the rest of you who aren’t quite in-the-know (so to speak), this chain of bakeries churns out mochi-type-chewy choux puffs stuffed and topped excessively with permutations of cream, custard and various glazes. it looks far too sweet for me – so I suspect it’s going for a younger demographic – but it’s inexpensive, and comes in sufficiently large variety should you wish to give it a try.

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marugoto shokudo, ang mo kio

so there is great mid-range japanese, acceptably-decent mid-range (in the form of the previous post), and bad mid-range (that come with inexplicably high prices) – the latter of which is what I’m concerned with today.

the camera is a kind godmother to this purveyor of a bad experience – so take the photos as a chance to view but never experience this place – and perhaps it suffices to say that we did not enjoy this meal, and won’t be coming back.

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watami japanese restaurant, bishan

this casual japanese eatery falls rather in the lower bound of mid-range japanese restaurants in singapre – the higher spaces filled by the likes of ichiban boshi and sushi tei – both in terms of marketing and food quality.

the food is decent enough for hump day (and any of those tough-going weekday nights), the menu extensive enough for repeat visits, and the price low enough to encourage the latter. think of this almost as a japanese cha chan teng – casual, family-friendly, but certainly not the sort of restaurant you bide time in.

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w39 bistro, clementi

it is the weekend! which means it is brunch – and here is a good place to get a decent one, even if more than a little far out. this rustic little cafe is unpretentious (pretty rare in the recent crop of cafes), and it serves up an averagely-decent brunch menu that spans american brunch classics to local delights.

it’s just the right sort of place if you’re looking for a kitschy breakfast-lunch spot for the weekend (and have a car) – order the right items and you’re set.

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jumbo seafood restaurant, changi

good seafood at this popular local seafood chain in the completely-and-inutterably-far national service resort and country club (otherwise the NSRCC in our acronym-loving-and-definition-forgetting country).

first, this place is crazy far – we’re talking possibly the furthest inhabited point of our island (maybe a slight exaggeration there, and also possibly an inane one considering the tiny-dot-status of this place we call home) but you do not want to come here without a car. taxis are far and few, people here have never seen a bus (also possibly a mistruth) – but come in, and at least you’re set for a good meal.

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thai express, changi airport

okayish neo-thai food at this across-the-island chain at changi airport’s terminal three. I have a soft spot for this place – much as I did busaba in london – it’s not the most authentic, and doesn’t bear comparison to my favourite thai place in singapore – but this place reminds me of years-long-past relaxing after-a-hectic-schoolday meals with friends.

so while I may have outgrown this place – I return ever-so-often. it’s to thai food what sushi tei is to japanese (though the latter has higher standards), and rather cheap and cheerful.

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yayoiken, tanjong pagar

cheap and quite okay japanese at the 100am mall in tanjong pagar. the first time I came here, we thought the food was impressive: large-ish portions, pleasantly-surprisingly-small prices and a huge menu composed of a clever permutation of a not-so-huge selection of dishes. this decent experience prompted an enthusiastic return, but it proved less sparkling: the food was too salty, the cooking of a lower standard – and the pater didn’t much like it.

which brings me, really, to a less-than-effervescent recommendation than I’d initially thought: this place will do you good for mid-week/office lunches – cheap japanese food with large portions and a big menu for everyone. but if you’re thinking of a sit-down meal with nothing on your mind but the food, it’s not ideal (or close to, in fact).

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chilli padi nonya restaurant, paya lebar

just a quick reminder that I’m doing a london vegfest giveaway here!

alright peranakan in the deep of joo chiat – we came back here after i had a particularly good meal courtesy of the catering arm of this place, and I’m sorry to say that it was a mixed bag of hits and misses, and not quite interesting enough to return for.

but there were some particularly good dishes – so get those if you pop in!

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burnt ends, chinatown

surprisingly – and I mean that in the best way – good modern offerings at this new(ish) restaurant in the bustling enclave that is keong saik road. I used modern because I am lax to use fusion – which often has negative connotation – this place serves up what I think is a very contemporary style of food: it straddles both eastern and weatern flavors perfectly well, and meshes elements and techniques to a cohesive and (if done right) enjoyable result.

n.b. if you know a less rambling way to descibe that manner of cooking, I’d be well-pleased to hear it.

competitively priced, enjoyable food with some standouts, a lovely restaurant and kitchen theatrics on show, this is my thursday recommendation for friday (or any day) date night.

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hong kong sheng kee dessert, city hall

pretty terrible renditions of asian desserts at the crowded basement of raffles city. I’m not sure it’s completely fair to post this right after the lovely specimen of dessert I showed you yesterday, but this place is pretty dismal. it’s the barest interpretation (and most commercial extraction) of chinese tongshui (dessert) in a rather dingy corner, probably only good for the strongest and most debilitating of cravings.

I can only guess it’s survived here because it really is very cheap, especially for town.

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