the lokal, bukit pasoh

eh-alright brunch food at this newish brunch place at bukit pasoh. it’s a menu of rather typical cafe-style food, as well as an assemble-your-own-breakfast section of breakfast meats. I can’t say I was impressed – service was rather spotty, even though the place is small – and the food was pretty normal-going.

if you’re in the neighborhood, and there are seats – then it’s an option for a meal. but if there’s a queue – well, I can’t say I’d be bothered.

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feedlot steakhouse bar & grill, tanglin

pretty meh food at this steakhouse – with only a couple of dishes moving past that meh – in the tanglin post office. this place certainly looks inviting, big patio and sophisticated dark interiors, but you’re probably better off food-wise with some brunch from the nassim hill bakery, or even cooking your own with goods from that delightful swiss butchery upstairs.

I don’t know what it is about this place – the food is pretty adequate, but it doesn’t seem anything special at all, and certainly options abound if you’re looking for something better. it’s good if you’re in the area, but otherwise not quite worth the effort.

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graze at rochester park, buona vista

great australian brunch at this colonial house in buona vista, and one of my favorite places in singapore, ever. do you have a place that holds such great memories you’re almost afraid to return in case it lets you down? this place is it for me.

it was love at first-second-third-and-you-get-the-drill visit, but this is my first brunch visit in nearly four years – and it’s just as enjoyable as it was back then. perhaps even better, because they now have the genius offering of a breakfast platter, and I certainly can’t turn down a plate with every jentacular goodie on the menu.

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café melba, mountbatten

okayish australian brunch food hidden away in the goodman arts centre. this place has drawn mixed reviews since opening this year – and I’m about to toss my own undecided judgement into the mix, just so you have as difficult a time as I did of deciding if it’s worth visiting.

on second thought, perhaps that’s not the best strategy for ingratiating myself into your favor. so here’s it straight up: this place has great potential, but the food and service are in firm not-travel-worthy-but-I’ll-have-it-if-it’s-there territory. or more succinctly, meh.

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jones the grocer, town

disappointing expensive dessert at this town outpost of the australian delicatessen newly opened on the top floor of the ion orchard mall. here’s another looks-pretty-but-doesn’t-deserve-to dessert that rather had a lot of potential but turned out rather dismal, though nowhere near the fiasco that was dean and deluca. I wish this place actually served good food – orchard really is lacking in nice places you can sit down for a break between shopping – but I think I’ll be sticking with the marmalade pantry for now.

I haven’t tried their savory items, so while I can’t give you a full low-down on the cafe, the desserts sure don’t provide any impetus to return.

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fern and kiwi, clarke quay

rather good – but expensive – new zealandic food in this new bar-restaurant at a corner of clarke quay. the food here surprised us, and the place warrants returns: it was huge servings, good flavors, considerable quality and friendly service – though at a rather large bill.

this is my first time having new zealandic (is that right?) food – and I have to say, just as with australian cuisine, that I wouldn’t recognize its provenance at all. it’s a modern type of cooking with a focus on clean, strong flavours, and seems more fusionish than anything else – but forgive (and correct) me if I’m wrong. not that it really matters though, as long as the food is enjoyable – and this was.

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boomarang bistro & bar, robertson quay

decentish brunch in the expatriate enclave that is robertson quay. venturing forth on a sunday morning for brunch makes you feel like you’re in europe on a sweltering day, rather than singapore. I have to say that I do sort of enjoy this aspect though – it brings back vaunted memories of being in london on a summer’s day, and expatriates do know how to have a good time on our tiny island (probably more than most of us do). they lug about their strollers, with toddlers in tow scootering about and creating a ruckus – all of which, for me, create a relaxing sort of atmosphere.

boomarang is a huge restaurant, and its size even more impressive in light of the fact that it is a brunch joint, which locally generally means a tiny squashed place with few tables, and though its size meant that service was intermittent, and the food was by no means groundbreaking, it is decent enough to warrant it remaining on my places-to-brunch-list.

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graze, buona vista

amazing australian/western food in the deep of rochestor park, away from the crowds. there is a very special place in my heart that graze occupies, and has done so since my first visit here perhaps four years ago. I associate it with good friends, great service, a cosy ambience and really good food – and I tend not to meet people here that I don’t particularly like, just so I don’t taint my everlasting memories of graze with them. unfair? – I think not.

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granger and co., London


average australian in notting hill. I have to say, I was looking forward to this one. I had just read an article in the paper about bill granger moving to london to set up this establishment, and a friend was here for brunch making it the best possible combination.

the restaurant was very pretty, what I think of as organic-style-notting-hill (which means posh and expensive, with pretty mums and cute little boys). trays were out on the bar counter with pretty bottles of liquour and cakes were laid out on another side. the staff were friendly enough, if a little aloof. I have to say I expected far more aussie hospitality.

our food came after a bit of wait (I have a feeling the waiter brought our dishes to the table next to us incorrectly) but they made for a rather pretty scene. a full aussie breakfast with mushrooms, bacon, sausages and eggs with toast – I think this panders to the wishes of men for meat, meat and more meat. the eggs were very buttery (I think that’s why they are so famed), and the rest of the items were rather normal. those mushrooms and the toast was lovely though.

the ricotta hotcakes with bananas were very visually impressive, a stack of three fluffy pancakes (the style I like best) on a sliced banana. they were less inspiring though – I thought they might have been a little undercooked and they weren’t that tasty. harmless though, but I’ve had better at tom’s kitchen.

it wasn’t too expensive, and I’ll come here again if I was in the area but it probably isn’t so much worth the trek.

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