food for thought, botanic gardens

average brunch food at the botanic gardens – some dishes (the simple ones) better executed than others. I’ve wanted to come to this place for a while – it’s rather popular, and I can see why. it’s a large open space, completely casual canteen-seating predominates, and the menu is likewise expansive – so there’s something for everyone.

it’s not the best brunch I’ve had – really, it’s not even close – but I don’t think that’s the point. it feels rather more like a place you go to to be convivial, or bring your screaming children to without too much recrimination – with decent food on hand to lubricate conversation.

also, if that’s your kid screaming in the corner, it ain’t cute.

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the halia, town

really good food at this second branch of the halia-of-botanics at the wonderfully colonial raffles hotel. this place was impressive – and while it wasn’t cheap, I dare say it was rather well worth it. I’ve always wanted to go to halia at its eponymous area in the botanic gardens – it’s long been a stalwart member of the brunch-providing institutions – and I’m so glad they now have a lovely (and very convenient space).

friendly service, a quiet corner of the hotel, and retro furnishings (very appropriately so, and hence not too hipster) – and good food plus reasonable prices: I think this beats many of my recent gastroventures clear out the water.

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