le pain quotidien, london

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my ultimate favourite brunch place in south kensington, and all of their branches. this is going to be a short exposition on the chain that is le pain quotidien.

rather, it is going to be a short homage to their white chocolate spread known as the blondie. I don’t ever eat white chocolate, but the thing about this spread is that it is creamy and rich, and goes so well with all types of bread (and even without). it is also far too easy to eat too much of it, which is why I never dare to buy a jar (they do sell them) or allow myself to come too often.

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franco manca, london

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amazing pizza down in chiswick. so I’m throwing my reviews into the lot all over the london blogosphere, and I’m in the crowd that really likes this place. good crust, interesting toppings, and a nice place to sit and have a chat from friends.

there are limited options on the menu here, and with a group of 5 or 6, you’ll very easily try the entire menu if you get everything to share. I don’t distinctly remember what we had, but it was mostly good, with good crusts and tasty toppings. there also are two specials on the board, so be sure to ask if they don’t tell you.

I just have two things to say in particular:

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