our growing edge: may 2013

our growing edge

welcome to the may episode of growing edge entries – I’m your host, sonya, and today we’ll be talking about cookies and pretzels and cakes – and so much more. if you’re new to our growing edge, it’s a party (!) to inspire us all to try new things. let’s get started!

p.s. my talent is totally wasted without a career on the telly, eh?

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lacto-vino night-o (and some tips on holding one)

these are photos from a recent gathering – I’m lucky to have friends who like each other enough to meet regularly to eat – and I’ve always thought the best thing about becoming an adult – age, not maturity – was that you could start entertaining and throwing food parties. potlucks and cheese nights and barbecues and the like – and so, really, this was the culmination of a childhood ambition and a more recently-inspired cheese craving.

it turned out great – we overdosed on nutella and cheese, glugged down a fair bit of tea and wine. I learnt some new things while obsessively researching about other people’s cheese parties – and I’m leaving them here for you (and myself!).

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