the fat cat bistro, holland village (take 2)

a couple shots from the fat cat in holland village, a surprisingly multi-talented casual restaurant serving three menus: thai, indian, and western/ italian. my favorite remains the indian – it’s solid, hearty cooking – but we order across the cuisines whenever we come.

full review here. it’s a good one to keep in mind if you’re feeling undecidable – and great for crowds, seeing as
there really ought to be something for someone here (if they can’t find something even here, rethink the relationship).

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isteaks grillhouse, serangoon gardens

surprisingly delicious steak, and well-cooked at that, at this rather casual steakery in myvillage at serangoon gardens. it’s a rather cleaned-up, modernified take on what was previously a coffeeshop western stall (a rather local phenomenon of asian-interpreted fried western foods dished up good and cheap), with service courtesy of rather-friendly aunties and good food couresty of great ingredients and some impressive-cooking.

it’s not nearly in the same league as the rather more renowned, poshy steakhouses – but it does pretty well in its class, rather much more impressive than aston’s, to my thinking.

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ronin, clarke quay

the cool, grown-up hipsteresque ronin is hidden away in a small street near clarke quay – it has the same architectural elements as symmetry, but take away the bright sunshine, take away the perky waitstaff; and add quite a bit of shadows and dark colours, plus older, intimidatingly-cool hipsters, and you have it.

it’s gorgeous, of course, but that’s requisite for cafes these days. more importantly, it’s not so noisy you can’t hear your friends across the table, the food is decent and complements its environs, and it helps you appreciate being adult enough to appreciate someplace quiet (but slightly buzzy) to sit down.

I just wish the place had better ventilation though – I’m also adult enough to mind terribly the smell of food lingering.

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blog work, home

I thought I’d share with you a little of what I do when I’m not out eating – there’s a lot of quality control that goes into these posts, though it could also be rightfully and justifiably said that I have a decent amount of OCD.

I hope you’re out eating something good, or doing some good. have a great weekend!


p.s. I realize it might not be apparent here, but all those photos differ by perhaps a fraction of a degree. complete madness, as my sister might say., orchard paragon

it’s my birthday today! so while I can’t show you (yet) what I’ll be eating later today to celebrate – let’s talk cake! I’ve done this place a couple times, and usually only for cake and dessert – brunch is expensive here (as are the cakes, actually) – especially since they do a mean steamed pudding.

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the pantry at shop wonderland, haji lane

this cafe is beautiful. it’s almost perfect in my estimation – large window with lovely decals, a quaint almost britishy sort of interior complete with cake display (AND OH MY GOD, THOSE CLEAR GLASS DOMES) and baristarinas, and an upstairs parlor all laid out in houseware and decor for the buying. a parlor for shopping, and a downstairs for cake-ing, and a window for the looking – such a balm to (my/) the soul.

so it’s very lucky that the single slice of cake we had was acceptable for the eating. we had the gula melaka cake (upon recommendation from one of the ladies behind the counter) – a dense, moist sponge layered with buttercream and that dark palm sugar and dusted with coconut – it would be good with a cup of tea; while not revelatory, it was certainly enough for enjoying the afternoon and the space.

these photos were hidden in my archive for quite a while – but they’re too beautiful not to share. I love places that have great light, and its especially lovely when it’s natural light streaming in from a large window, and I have cake to go with.

I’m not sure about the other cakes, and I’ve certainly had better (the sponge could have afforded quite a bit less heft and more fluffiness), but the place is worth coming to.

p.s. I accept gifts from the upstairs, if anyone’s offering :p

Shop Wonderland
37 Haji Lane
Singapore 189230
tel +65 6299 5848
$.5: six-sevenish for a slice of cake

now instagrammin’ at _andmorefood!

becasse bakery, ion orchard

pretty darn surprisingly delicious brunch at the top floor of the ion orchard. this australian chain was brought in by jones the grocer – which I wasn’t too impressed by – and they share the same kitchen at their orchard premises. unlike jones, though, I was impressed by the food – and this makes one heck of a good option in orchard (where good brunch offerings are actually surprisingly few).

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grub, bishan

I’m adding this to my list of unimpressive brunch places – and this one is rather akin to the experience I had at the fabulous baker boys. both are located in rather beautiful buildings in a park-type environment, both have the same brunch hype going for it, and both didn’t quite live up to potential.

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the book cafe, robertson quay

can you believe it’s already the weekend? it’s time for a rest – and almost definitely time to plan for one, if you haven’t already – and this place seems pretty good to cap off this hectic week.

I feel like its name suits this place, as it’s rather fortuitously decked out as a sanctuary to catch up on those eponymous founts of knowledge – or let’s be honest, random laptopping – with the food incidental to the experience.

not that the food is bad, but I just don’t feel like that’s the raison d’etre of this place. to be fair – it’s all pretty decent. my pancakes were just about fluffy enough, with a dash of powdered sugar and sliced fruit; eggs benedict as you’d expect, with flowy yolks and a rather cute addition of a latke; and an unphotographed order of cereal was a rather out-the-box execution of muesli, generic sweetened vanilla yogurt and milk.

so it’s all edible, but not exactly travel-worthy.

the calm of the place is more than worth it though. it’s hidden away in the outskirts of robertson quay (as though our red dot is large enough to quantify for this term), and almost completely rid of any hipsters – money can’t buy that second part these days. it’s not cool so much as cozy, with a smart layout of sofas at the back and traditional table-and-chairs in front, as well as the books and magazines all propped up on shelves everywhere.

get a coffee, and some food – support these people please – and while away your afternoon. it’s like being home, without actually being home.

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the fat cat bistro, holland village

still very good food at this cafe-restaurant that relocated to the genial confines of holland village. it used to be a little closer to me, though definitely more inconvenient in its previous hideaway in serangoon – but it’s great that standards haven’t dropped, portions haven’t shrunk, and all that terrible jazz you associate with any drastic change in an eatery.

it’s almost a food court, with three distinct stalls operating within a single compound – just quite a lot classier. in its new location, it’s also spacious and rather cozily furnished, and a good choice for those large gatherings of friends where you’re looking for a not-shabby place that won’t break anyone’s budget.

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