wah lok cantonese restaurant, city hall

now, it’s a thursday – and we’re nearly at the weekend – so don’t be harsh. I know this post is a tad late, seeing as how it starts with a photo of yusheng and chinese new year is nearly two months past.

it’s still a worthwhile post though, as the food we had was fantastic, and really rather top of its class. wah lok has always been a steady bulwark of the fine dining cantonese scene, and it well deserves its reputation – food is outstanding, service is utter old-school goodness, and the place is modern (none of that outdated furnishing you see so often in these restaurants) but amenable to cosy family dinners.

a high thumbs up from me, and definitely gratifying.

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golden peony, city hall

I want to write a scathing post about this place, just based on how unhappy I was at the end of this meal – but I can’t bring myself to verbose hostility this morning, and so you have to imagine how bad it was. suffice to say that I was disappointed, not just because this was supposed to be an institution, a stalwart of fine chinese dining in singapore – and what we got, at incredibly high prices and pretty lacking service, was dimsum not even at the standards of the midrange chinese restaurants like yumcha.

this may have been one occasion, the first after many years of good food followed by a long gap of nearly five years, but it was enough to discourage from further visits – and almost definitely not for dimsum.

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bosses restaurant, harbourfront (take 2)

decent chinese food at this slightly-ova’-da-top chinese restaurant in vivocity. it’s not new (witness the old post here) but it remains popular for its dimsum and flowing custard buns.

I try not to do too many second takes, but it is worth letting you know that they also have yam and sesame flowing buns – the yam was a slightly-sweet, beautifully pastel purple flow of smooth yam paste out a equally lovely pale-lavender bun; the sesame was less flowy (but it did sit very long, neglected amidst the torrent of dishes that arrived), but I loved the flavor. black sesame has this addictive, nutty profile that just hits every button on this console.

I’m less impressed with the more popular salted yolk custard buns – I know some of you guys out there are fans – but to my estimation, the paradise group or crystal jade ones seem to taste better (but to each your own!).

the rest of the food is pretty decent lunch eating – but don’t forget their house specialty beancurd! it’s fried blocks of spinach-bottomed eggy tofu strewn with a savoury mushroom sauce atop blanched greens. delicious.

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tung lok seafood, somerset

decent-for-the-price à la carte buffet atop orchard central. this is pretty alright chinese food dished up as much as you like, whenever you like – and at this meal we went through the entire menu at least once.

nothing really stood out enough for me to recall it to you – but we did have perhaps six or seven servings of the salmon sashimi, which was seafood-fresh and tender – and perhaps the best part of the meal.

the chinese food I would liken to better-than-catering, served hot and quickly (admirable considering the crowds they were serving), and good for crowds (and plenty cheap for a gluttonous sunday lunch).

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ah chew dessert, bugis

so-so dessert at this overhyped tongshui (cantonese 糖水, literally sugar-water, metaphorically dessert) cafe along purvis street. this place draws long queues and large crowds – and has so much business, in fact, that they stretch over two storefronts on this ‘ip-and-‘appening street in the bugis area.

it’s well-known for their dishing up of hong kong desserts (almost every blog will point you here) but I’m going to raise a dissenting hand here – what is that hype all about? my steamed egg custard wasn’t that smooth (and took an unbelievably long time to arrive), and all the other desserts that arrived at our tables didn’t impress neither.

I’d say this was on par with the mei hong yuen dessert chain that is much easier to find (and easier to get a seat at) – it feels commercial, and not in a good way neither.

my favorite dessert place remains gong he guan at 28 upper cross street – we’re talking two bowls of dessert per person, and cantankerous service. it’s not anything that rivals the marvels you’d get in hong kong, but as close as you’d get it here in singapore (my opinion, of course).

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le restaurant and asian tapas bar, suntec city

it is friday night (soon)! and I hope you have a nice one planned, because it’s the start of the work year after that lovely long break, and we all know these few weeks are the lazy lull before the storm.

if you don’t have one planned, well – maybe you could pop over here for a drink or two. just maybe not stay for the whole night though – it feels like the sort of place you come for a quick mandatory post-work drink for which you don’t want to linger.

not that the place isn’t somewhat pretty or the food bad – just that it’s rather pricey, and seems gepgraphically mislocated. let’s discuss.

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sabx2/pratunam wanton mee and stewed pork trotters, bangkok

decent braised pork trotters and wanton noodles – though rather overhyped – in the heart of pratunam. so this place is pretty famous – I had never heard of it before coming, but the partner found it on someone’s facebook and hey, one google led to many results.

this is going to be a two-faceted recommendation: if you were brought up in an asian country on the best bounciest noodles and juicy red roast pork, this place is skippable; if not, this would be a fantastic introduction to a decent plate of noodles and chinese-style trotters.

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crystal jade dining in, harbourfront

really good family-style dimsum at vivocity – I mean family-style in the best possible way: I think yumcha is best for large noisy family meals. I’ve been to my fair share of posher establishments where the dining is more european-quiet and your dimsum arrives in dainty dishes – but there’s nothing quite like sitting down to a meal in a restaurant where everyone is just as loud, and over-eating as you are.

well-executed dimsum classics in this mainstay singaporean chain – with reasonable prices and a great view overlooking sentosa, this place is a favorite.

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summer pavilion, town

fantastic meal – great ambience, good food – at this classic chinese institution at the ritz-carlton. this was a treat for the mum on her birthday – and we had a great time; I love sitting down in an old-school, luxurious place eating dainty little bits of fatty dim sum.

the food here strikes me as being classic but-not-really, very exquisite and rather well made – and very much in line with what I expect from a chinese restaurant inside a hotel: good service, food that’s interesting but still familiar, and a peaceful ambience.

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yum cha restaurant, serangoon

decent dimsum at the serangoon country club. the weekend is almost here! – and if, like me, you’re planning gluttony to an unconscionable degree, dimsum is a great way to go. I’ve done a short post on this place before, but I managed to lug the camera along and disrupt everyone’s eating this time – so I thought it’s well worth sharing.

this place is gratifyingly near me, and so a good option for a lazy weekend brunch. it’s decent-to-above-average food at reasonable prices, and a great place for large family meals.

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