yi dian xin hong kong dim sum, kovan

better than standard coffee-shop offerings, but not worth the hype dimsum at the kovan area – good if you live here, but don’t bother if you don’t. it’s almost certain that anything with liushabao (or, salted egg custard bun – you must know this by now) will catch the attention of my rather overattentive stomach – and so I was pretty intrigued by this place when I read a blog post on it. the food is pretty alright, but I highly doubt I’ll be returning on purpose for the dimsum.

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the cathay restaurant, town

pretty good cantonese dimsum at the cathay, and a good choice for fine-chinese-dining where there aren’t many options in this category. I’ve been here twice now, so it’s definitely good enough to warrant a return visit, but I must say that the paradise chain does it much better for me (and with varying price points to suit your different moods as well, such a good thing) – the food here is pretty decent, though service can be very harried – they never really seem to have enough staff, though when they are tending to you they do a pretty good job. it’s more of a bring-the-parents sort of place, rather than one for manic-scoffing-down-of-liu-sha-bao, as I’m prone to crave.

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teochew city seafood restaurant, town

(surprisingly) rather good cantonese-teochew-chinese food in the slightly-abandoned centrepoint shopping mall. this isn’t a real review, since I was here for my partner’s sister’s wedding dinner – so this is more useful as a guide to a chinese wedding dinner (if you’re new to this sort of thing), if you’re considering venues for your own celebration dinner, and as a reference to the skills of the kitchen.

they fared really well, actually. reasonably priced, generous portions of food that we couldn’t finish, and really rather impressive cooking – especially at such volumes.

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hua ting restaurant, town

good poon choi and service at this old establishment in the even older orchard hotel. this was our traditional dinner out on the first night of chinese new year, and it’s pretty much become standard practice for the meal to revolve around poon choi – essentially a basin of dried seafood and meat in a savoury sauce.

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lingzhi vegetarian, novena

incredibly fantastic chinese vegetarian at novena square. my dad’s been talking about this place for the longest time – and we’ve walked past it for years – and I’m so glad we finally came. chinese vegetarian food can be a bit of an unknown beast, no matter how often you eat it, because some places rely heavily on gluten and flour/bean-based mockeries of meat; a huge travesty since there is so much beauty in well-cooked vegetables and fungi. this place falls squarely in the celebrate-the-best-of-vegetables category, and is my recommendation for a vegetarian chinese-new-year-or-not dinner, if you’re so inclined.

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paradise pavilion, town

immensely enjoyable and very good dimsum at the horribly confusing marina bay link mall. I’ve jumpstarted this post and pushed it all the way to the front of the queue because it was, for one, a fantastic lunch – and the best dimsum meal I’ve had in a while – and second, this was a family luncheon for new year’s eve.

this is almost definitely going to be a long post, but in short, the food was great – classics done very well, and just enough twists here and there to show off the skill of the kitchen.

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mei heong yuen dessert, town

alright-ish chinese dessert at the basement of the ion shopping mall. since coming back to singapore, I’ve been trying to eat more chinese desserts and dimsum – those are the things I missed most in london, and actually chinese tongshui (a cantonese term that refers to desserts, and literally translates to sugar water) is a recent passion.

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crystal jade palace restaurant, town

pretty good chinese food at the upper levels of the takashimaya (or ngee ann city) building. to my knowledge, there are four crystal jade outlets there – the simple cantonese at the basement, a xiao long bao specialist, a korean barbecue restaurant and this more elaborate cantonesque one appropriate for family gatherings. I’ve been here before, a few years ago, and usually we visit imperial treasure nanbei next door, but this was a nice change.

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yumcha, serangoon

yumcha (1) yumcha (2)

decent chinese in the serangoon country club. I mean to start as I intend to go on, and I think dimsum is a good introduction to life back home. inexpensive and decent dimsum is something london lacks, especially in the cheap department, and is also something I missed incredibly (but of course london has great dimsum, like at yauatcha).

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