cut by wolfgang puck, bayfront (take 2)

still utterly fantastic, and wonderfully enjoyable dessert at the marina bay sands. it is understating it to say that this place is now my favorite in singapore – and no, I’ve not had their steak, and no, I’m not quite planning to. I have an incorrigible sweet tooth, and it aches for this behemoth of a chocolate souffle.

their other desserts are pretty much up there with the best I’ve had locally, but it’s the souffle that shines – there’s some magic in the substantial lightness, and all the textures and temperatures in it. I could wax lyrical all day (and I’ve done it once before), but really, just look at it – chocolate sauce dribbling down the side while creme fraiche and ice cream sink their slow way into that airy nest of chocolate.

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amuse bar & global tapas, town

unimpressive food at very high prices in this tiny, lonely corner of the also rather forlorn orchard hotel. this restaurant was gaining widespread hype from singaporean bloggers when it first opened, what with its celebrity chef (hadn’t heard of him before visiting) and supposedly innovative dishes – so I kept it on my list and yanked it out in time for a valentine’s-as-excuse-for-expensive-meal, by which time the blogosphere was nearly silent on it – and I think rather deservedly so.

that first photo is of the most impressive dish we had – and their most famous: an egg wrapped in crispy ciabatta and topped with ham. a modernesque blumenthalesque rendition of a ham-and-egg-sammie with unctous yolk and proper ham, served over truffled jus and spinach: terrifically good. if the rest of the meal had followed in this vein, it would have been amazing – but it didn’t.

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cut by wolfgang puck, town

utterly fantastic and wholly incomparable bliss-out desserts at this famed steakhouse in marina bay sands. I have unashamedly fallen in deep mire with this place – it’s now my go-to for indulging in sweets, and I’m afraid that it might just become an uncontrollable habit.

I’ve wanted to come here for a long time – and while I’m bursting with adjectives, let me objectively say that the souffle was high, fluffy, barely deflated even after standing, and when eaten with the chocolate ice cream and creme fraiche on top – was a revelation in deep dark chocolate and that gorgeous play of hot and cold. truly, this ranks as one of the best mouthfuls I’ve ever had.

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