restaurant gordon ramsay at royal hospital road, london

such a fantastic meal we had at this tiny slip of a restaurant just around sloane square. this blog seems to play almost embarrassing tributes to the gordon ramsay establishments (such as my still-favourite meal at petrus) but I have had such a lovely time at both restaurants – I went with high expectations and came away satisfied, and you don’t often get to say that about many places.

this was a celebration lunch for graduation, and also one of the first times I’ve brought my parents to a fine-dining restaurant, as such. we eat very well and rather widely, but my family has a dislike for fussy food – which usually refers to the over-decorated western establishments with more emphasis on aesthetics than substance – which was why even though I had been to this restaurant two years ago and had a fantastic time, I had more than a little trepidation on making reservations here.

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&made by bruno menard, town

decent cafe in rather quiet pacific plaza, next to isetan shaw. this is a much-hyped cafe, due to the presence of yet another celebrity chef here. there’s something repellant to me about hype, especially with the number of restaurants that usually don’t perform nearly as well as people say it will.

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