dolce tokyo, somerset

alright-ish desserts at the crowded orchard somerset 313. this open-air cafe is part of the ministry of food chain, and I think their riff of a more upmarket european take on cafe dining. I’m not sure it succeeds in the more exclusive air it attempts to portray here: the food was acceptable at the more casual m.o.f. but seems a little lacking in this shinier environment – and the place suffers from new-establishment problems.

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ichiban boshi, serangoon

decent japanese at this chain outlet in the nex mall (though the novena square outlet fairs better). this place fairs fluctuates in standards – surpassing or losing out to the more consistent sushi tei chain; but when it’s good, it’s really quite a bit better.

though I do get cravings for sushi tei, and not this place – so I leave you to decide what that means.

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pizza hut, home-delivery

surprisingly decent caricature of a pizza in the comforts of home. I like my pizzas thin-crusted, laden with good cheese and quality ingredients, and well-worth the extra miles at the gym – which unfortunately means most chain pizzas don’t appeal with their bright-orange cheeses and excessive grease. and while this particular pizza falls closer to the latter description, my family had a decently enjoyable meal – and so it’s well worth sharing.

I may not be a pizza expert, but I am a huge fan of seriouseats and their pizza-commentary – so I’ve been keeping up with pizza hut’s international exploits, of which this cheesy-bites-trio-pizza is one.

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sushi tei, town

good japanese chain outlet at the top of the raffles city shopping mall. so you must know by now that sushi tei is one of our favourite places – it’s become our regular hangout for decently reliable food at reasonable prices, and this was the first time we made it to the raffles city branch. this outlet isn’t anything particularly special, but we made quite a few good choices on the menu this time (instead of sticking to our regular orders) and I’d like to share. just because I’m nice like that.

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din tai fung, serangoon

decent noodles and dumplings at this taiwanese chain – I’ve done a post on this one before because I really rather like it, but here’s an update (including one of their best dishes). also – this is an effortless way to say hello(!) in the midst of post-holiday-induced melancholy, and fortuitously, a recommendation for an easy dinner out if you can’t bring yourself to cook tonight.

this is a good fallback restaurant (but not if you’re dining at a typical meal hour, as it’s always full) for decent food and low prices; and while I think the crystal jade empire (and more relevantly, its equivalent la mian xiao long bao outlets) serves better food when their kitchens exert themselves, this place shows a higher degree of consistency in production.

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awfully chocolate, town

great deep chocolate ice cream at this local chocolate chain – I had this at their store in the crowded basement of the raffles city mall, but I’m pretty sure it’s been made at some central location before distribution so they all ought to be the same. just to share the love a little – this is one of my greatest discoveries since coming back.

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blackball singapore, katong

great, simple grass jelly desert at this taiwanese chain outpost in katong. I may not know a great deal about great chinese desserts, but I do know what i like – and that means lots of sugared beans, silky pudding, and not-too-sweet.

this place is pretty awesome. their specialty is smooth, silky grass jelly – a black, translucent jelly without much discernible taste, usually served in large cubes for dessert or thin slivers in syrup as a drink – as a bed for other toppings: starches such as taro balls, beans cooked in sugar, and various other accoutrements.

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azabu sabo hokkaido ice cream, clarke quay

really good ice cream at the central in clarke quay – really more in the style of gelato in its density and consistency. let’s start this sweltering sunday off easy with a bit of ice – this place does a pretty large range of flavours, and all pretty good.

I prefer dense ices like these, instead of the americanised places like andersen’s, since the flavor stays longer on the tongue because it doesn’t melt too quickly. we had the black sesame and salted caramel this time, and you should try at the asian flavours if you’re ever there.

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sushi tei, serangoon (take 2)

I know I promised to share the recipe for sesame cake (so yum) with you, but let me just renege on that and show you some better quality photos of the food at sushi tei, which is one of my favourite japanese places in singapore to dine at. I know that many people sort of toss their heads at the mention of sushi tei as having good food – even my mother does – but I do not think I’ve visited another restaurant as frequently as I do this chain, and for good reason too.

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