nydc, orchard

unsophisticated american cakes at this chain-cafe in wheelock place. this place, as my partner describes it, is a “secondary-school hangout”; and while I didn’t have the sort of youth where I patronised these places (strict upbringing, ya know) – I can see what he means: the food doesn’t aspire to gastronomic innovation, the median age of service appears to emulate their demographic, and the general atmosphere is very casual.

but, it’s pleasant enough in a very unsophisticated sort of way.

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cheesecake (and a few pops!)

I have to – I feel a need to be honest with you though who knows why since this is the internet – come clean and let you know that this recipe was a terrible, but rather fortuitous mistake. I had set out to make the fluffiest of japanese cheesecakes, all spongy and airy and everything beautiful but what I turned out was a light sort of new-york cheesecake. but it made cheesecake pops! and that is all that matters; or all that really matters is that when life deflates your egg whites, you coat it with chocolate.

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