jumbo seafood restaurant, changi (take 2)

I’ve done this place before, but we came back here for another bout of seafood – and it was great – so here’s a reminder that though driving here makes you feel almost like you’re at the edge of the earth (I might exaggerate a little), there is fantastic food to be found.

good, fresh seafood cooked classic singapore-style, with all the flavor and none of the pomp – nothing to stop you from really digging in with hands and teeth.

remember to make reservations though – the place gets terribly packed, especially on weekends.

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jumbo seafood restaurant, changi

good seafood at this popular local seafood chain in the completely-and-inutterably-far national service resort and country club (otherwise the NSRCC in our acronym-loving-and-definition-forgetting country).

first, this place is crazy far – we’re talking possibly the furthest inhabited point of our island (maybe a slight exaggeration there, and also possibly an inane one considering the tiny-dot-status of this place we call home) but you do not want to come here without a car. taxis are far and few, people here have never seen a bus (also possibly a mistruth) – but come in, and at least you’re set for a good meal.

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