canele patisserie chocolaterie, paragon orchard

a gorgeous chocolate cake, and one of the best I’ve had in singapore. it’s a hemisphere of rather deep, chocolatey goodness, and I forget what the components were – except that there was a dense not-too-sweet mousse and lots of chocolate flavor that made it all too easy to eat.

immense gorgeousness on a plate, both aesthetically and gastronomically.

(if you want something a little more varied, the opera slice at becasse has the same dense dessert goodness.)

((why not have both? it’s the weekend!))

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l’angelus, chinatown

brilliant french dining – great food in a sophisticated, candle-lit intimate space – in club street, and one of the more impressive meals I’ve had, from start-to-fin. I’ve been to quite a few restaurants this year – perhaps an understatement – and eaten rather well, but a restaurant that shines from appetiser to dessert is difficult to find; this one does that perfectly well – really enjoyable.

plus it’s (thank-heavens-for-) Friday tomorrow! and if you’re looking for a place to start the weekend off proper, this place will do you well good.

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cut by wolfgang puck, bayfront (take 2)

still utterly fantastic, and wonderfully enjoyable dessert at the marina bay sands. it is understating it to say that this place is now my favorite in singapore – and no, I’ve not had their steak, and no, I’m not quite planning to. I have an incorrigible sweet tooth, and it aches for this behemoth of a chocolate souffle.

their other desserts are pretty much up there with the best I’ve had locally, but it’s the souffle that shines – there’s some magic in the substantial lightness, and all the textures and temperatures in it. I could wax lyrical all day (and I’ve done it once before), but really, just look at it – chocolate sauce dribbling down the side while creme fraiche and ice cream sink their slow way into that airy nest of chocolate.

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quadruple chocolate cake

utterly phenomenal. if you ever take anything away from this ol’ blog, take this recipe and make it. I baked it (almost) wholesale with instruction from my favorite domestic spinmeister-o’-words, nigella lawson, and it is the stuff of my chocolate-craving dreams.

deep and dark, and the most satisfying chocolate cake I’ve had – a tightly-bound fine crumb, the lightness of a good butter cake, the rich darkness of good bittersweet chocolate, and it keeps like a dream. and with a name like that, how can you resist? I certainly couldn’t.

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dense chocolate cake

I’m sorry for the hiatus in recipe-provisioning – but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped baking! no, no – there is butter in the fridge, and so there must be cake.

but this one, well. I’m a little undecided about it – it’s a much-lauded nigella recipe, and I’m a huge fan, but the very quality she designed to be in the cake is precisely what I don’t really like about it: squidginess. and to call it a chocolate loaf feels a little like a stretch, because it seems rather incidental that that dark gold resides in this cake – it’s more a dense molassesy loaf. nothing wrong with that though – it could be well up your alley.

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awfully chocolate, town

great deep chocolate ice cream at this local chocolate chain – I had this at their store in the crowded basement of the raffles city mall, but I’m pretty sure it’s been made at some central location before distribution so they all ought to be the same. just to share the love a little – this is one of my greatest discoveries since coming back.

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cut by wolfgang puck, town

utterly fantastic and wholly incomparable bliss-out desserts at this famed steakhouse in marina bay sands. I have unashamedly fallen in deep mire with this place – it’s now my go-to for indulging in sweets, and I’m afraid that it might just become an uncontrollable habit.

I’ve wanted to come here for a long time – and while I’m bursting with adjectives, let me objectively say that the souffle was high, fluffy, barely deflated even after standing, and when eaten with the chocolate ice cream and creme fraiche on top – was a revelation in deep dark chocolate and that gorgeous play of hot and cold. truly, this ranks as one of the best mouthfuls I’ve ever had.

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failed lemon cake

not a recipe today, but a lament: sometimes cakes rise pretty and bake up golden, but they taste insipid and of nothing, really. this was supposed to be a lemony, buttery cake, and all it was was a soft, fluffy block of insipidness.

and to add insult to injury, the cake didn’t even last two days – stored in a container, as I always do – before it started to smell a little sour – in a bad spoiling sort of way, so I couldn’t even throw it into a trifle or some sort of mask-the-blahness confection.

have you any idea why some cakes spoil faster than others? I haven’t switched kitchens, and this was a standard butter-flour-lemon-egg recipes – I couldn’t really figure it out.

but onwards, and upwards! I’ve recently come back from a bali getaway – and I promise the photo-posts are coming soon.