a (da paolo and cedele) christmas

let’s start the year off nicely – with a recap of a great meal last year.

it’s going to be nearly another year before you’ll want to think about christmas again, but I’d like to insert a little brainworm so you remember your options when the time comes to make your orders again.

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merry (belated) christmas!

this is going to show you how ludicrously far behind I am in my photo-processing and blogging – not that I’ve really been absent from the blogosphere, really. that must actually mean I eat out far too much.

but I thought this was worth sharing with you, a day-and-night view of the giant christmas tree they put up at the roof of the vivocity shopping mall at harbourfront. if you’ve ever been to asia, you’d realise that consumerism takes pretty strong hold here: we don’t really celebrate christmas in this region (bearing all those with religions that do) but there are huge christmas trees and decorations put up here, I think all to create a festive atmosphere and get you into a spending frenzy – there’s just something about occasions and holidays that encourage what I call ‘necessity shopping’.

I hope this reminds you of the great times you had during the festive period!