chocolate sesame cookies

these are some pretty good and rather interesting – not in the negative-euphemism sort of way – soft cookies, rather a sort of asian-western amalgamation. sesame seeds are very seldom used in european/american cooking, and usually only as toppings (on buns) or lost in the beauty that is hummus (as tahini), and it’s really nice to see a non-asian recipe that uses them as a focal point, much like thisĀ cake I made a while back.

they baked up large and flat – the sesame seeds providing good texture in the soft give of the cookie, and luscious dark and milk chocolate (yes, I do think milk chocolate has its place sometimes – don’t judge) in every bite. easy to make, and made further interesting by the inclusion of soy sauce – which gives just the right amount of savoury earthiness – these were some good cookies, though I likely will try to make them a little firmer and crunchier next time.

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iced vovos

forget all the easy recies I’ve been providing you with – these ones are a veritable operation. mixing, chilling, rolling, shaping, baking, icing and dusting and icing, these took me the better part of a morning and far more pink than I’ve ever handled.

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crispy white chocolate cookies

this is the second time I’ve made this cookie from smitten’s recipe, and both times I’ve pretty much loved the result. I don’t often make cookies – they feel like a bit hassle especially since I have a small oven and each batch usually makes a tiny mountain of cookies (and therefore require multiple batches).

but these ones are something special – just as she describes, they are essentially a shell of a cookie, reminiscent of a crunchy, crispy tuile rather than the usual stodge of an oatmeal cookie. it’s quite a sweet cookie, and that sweetness is perpetuated further by the white chocolate, but this is tempered by the sprinkle of salt – an addictive combination in all.

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