toastbox, wherever

it almost seems like a cop-out to review this place – it’s a small cafe that’s located in nearly every mall possible, serving up local delicacies with no aplomb at all. it’s a cheap and varied menu that stretches from proper mains like mee siam and nasi lemak (my parents give these the thumbs up), to kaya-and-toast spread with butter shaped rather iconically into traditional high cones, to pretty little traditional bakes.

there are old-school items like banana loaf slices and paper sponge cakes, but my mother tends toward these squares of super-retro sponge cakes slathered with thick layers of buttercream and jam.

the concept of the place is simple – open, casual cafes with more than decent local food, at prices that make it a damn good deal in town (at only slightly more than what hawker centres are charging these days) – and it’s nostalgia-inducing too, which might be the best bit.

not gourmet, but it fits like an old sock (you know you’ve got them).

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