dibs, duxton hill

good flavors of the rich and heavy variety at this restaurant along ann siang hill – it’s a trendy place run by young hipster-types, with a clientele that suits the dark decor.

this was shot AGES ago – so I apologise for the photos, but how else would I tell you about this place?

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latteria mozzerella bar, duxton hill

yes, the tiramisu is as good as it looks.

perfect-for-a-date, perfect for your friday night (and hey! valentine’s day is just about peeking round the corner) italian restaurant in the hip enclave that is the top of duxton hill. I like the buzz of the place, I liked the food, and it’s just the right mix of date-conducive and comfy that spells relaxation after a long day.

it was good from start to finish (which is more uncommon than you’d think), and if you’re gearing up for next week’s chinese new year celebrations – it’s a good place to get your non-chinese fix.

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flor patisserie, duxton hill

decent-alright japanese-styled-french cakes at this tiny cafe in duxton hill. flor patisserie is pretty well-known for its light, japanese cream-type cakes, but I hadn’t gotten to it previously on my dessert circuit precisely because of those characteristics: I like my cakes hefty and substantial, and these fluffy, creamy things do little for me.

but for its class, the desserts are good – certainly worth a visit if you’re into this sort of thing.

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la maison fatien, chinatown

very unimpressive french food at this otherwise beautiful restaurant set in a old two-floor shophouse along duxton hill. I’m hoping my experience was a fluke – but I think it worth sharing anyway – for I came on the recommendation of another foodie who really likes this place.

this place is very likable, conceptually – it feels like a neighborhood bistro you might get in the parisian suburbs, the lighting is dim and cosy, and it has provenance in a wine-making holiday-making mansion in burgundy (we’re talking proper french roots, people). but the food is less sparkling than what you might expect it to be (though still decent), which is a waste – this would be a brilliant dateaway otherwise.

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