group therapy coffee cafe, chinatown

we stopped here after a utterly brill dinner at etna (just downstairs from this place), just to grab a bit more dessert and coffee – really, just to give in to the greed.

it had high standards to live up to, as the cap to a great meal – but fell a tad short. our pecan tart – always a delight to order and anticipate in light of the gluttony that ought arrive – was definitely packed tight with nuts, but those lovely things were bound with a strange sort of caramel. not sticky, or fragrant with the flavours of burnt sugar, this seemed rather like a slightly gummy type of uhm, gum. not quite worth the calories, and I gave up just a bite in.

the drinks were pedestrian, but it was enough that night for us to sit down and chat. we’d had a good time with the italian meal downstairs – and this felt rather like a rather calming bit of something to tide us over till bedtime. objectively speaking, it wasn’t sparkling, and the queues are outrageous for something so.. normal. but it’s a bit of hideaway (though a crowded one), prices aren’t mad and the stuff isn’t terrible – so it might just work if you were in the area.

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etna italian restaurant, chinatown

fantastic italian execution (not the head sort) at this packed restaurant in chinatown. reservations much required – tables run out quickly, and the place is well popular even on weekdays. it’s been lauded as a great place to grab some italian and lives up to that reputation (living up to reputation seems to be a problem these days), with good service and reasonably prices.

it spans that rather comfortable spectrum of cosy enough for date night but bright enough for family night, and the good food helps conversations flow.

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