marble cake

this cake was an experiment – I swirled two different recipes to try and get some decent marbling, but I forgot to take their different densities into acount. this left me with a prettily-cracked-and-browned cake that instead had the chocolate batter suspended in the middle of the yellow, without the swirliness that I was looking for.

so what I’m trying to say, really, is while I don’t have a recipe for you today – I do have some pretty photos that might inspire some sweet success on your part this weekend. talk soon!


p.s. if you’re in the mood for a bit of marble cake, there’s a great recipe in the archives (one of my favourites, too!)

pandan kaya cake with a coconut frosting

yes, it’s that green.

I don’t seem to have much affinity with pandan desserts – they all require second-tries-and-the-promise-of-practice. in truth, it’s probably not the fault of the screwpine leaf – all the recipes calling for it are inevitably asian desserts, which also inescapably means vagueish instructions and a felicitous mix of finesse and experience (and fengshui, let’s not forget that).

this wasn’t bad actually, just a tad too sweet and lots of I-should-haves on hindsight. no recipe for you today, therefore, but a few notes if you’re thinking of trying this out!

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chocolate ice cream

a simple chocolate ice cream – not the greatest recipe so I’m not sharing it with you this time. I was wondering – what do you think about the retro effect on the photographs? I’m so envious of all the dreamy sort of effects you see on quite a few food blogs, but I’m also pretty hooked up on the straight-up photos I usually post, so I can’t decide.

what do you think?

lemon cornmeal cake

this is another of my attempts to create a cornmeal-containing confectionery without the grit of cornmeal. I’ve come to two conclusions amidst all this testing: one, not many people find the grittiness an issue (and some don’t even find it a problem) and two, that perhaps I shouldn’t be using cornmeal for my cornbread/cake.

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